Listen up folks....

Do not gift funds using paypal to transact business with parties that are unknown to you. Do not do it. Treat anyone who asks for this payment type as a scam, unless you know them, and actually would trust them not to take your money.

1) If you are asked to pay in this manner, and do not know the person, or have not had successful transactions before, or it's not a known dealer -- let me know.

2) If you see an ad asking for this sort of gifted paypal payment - use the report button and let me know via PM.

If I see it advertised, or hear about it being requested, I will ban the persons requesting such payment - permanently.

All that being said:

If you know the person, and trust them, or have done business with them 100x - I do not want to know about it. Your business is your business. If you offer to pay via gift to avoid fees, or get a lower price from an anonymous person on the internet, you get what you get, and I don't want to know about it.