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Mike R
11-04-12, 01:54
I understand there is much debate about the practicality of carrying a short PGO "breaching" shotgun, but I am curious to hear about experiences with different modes of carry. I have seen the Remington SRD, which as far as I can tell is a Kydex holster that retains the barrel and magazine tube, single point slings with a cuff on the belt, and scabbards- what is the preferred method for those who have carried one?

11-04-12, 02:06
Slung on my back.

11-04-12, 05:34
Bungee single point (as in the entire thing is home-made out of bungee cord), belt cuff.

Typos brought to you via Tapatalk and autocorrect.

11-04-12, 08:57
Bungee single point (as in the entire thing is home-made out of bungee cord), belt cuff.

This. I've also seen some home-brewed two point bungee setups that worked very well, and did not require the cuff. I believe Sage made one for a time.

11-04-12, 11:35
We use several older nylon shoulder rigs with the holsters removed and the ends sewn together. The shotguns have a very short piece of bungee on their rear most pistol grip (top) sling mount also sewn in a loop and then secured to the shoulder rig via carabineer. I found this much more comfortable than the single point bungee as it doesn't dig into my neck as much. The shotgun is secured via a belt mount Blackhawk weapons catch behind my secondary

11-04-12, 21:25
There are a few complications when you attempt to give a blanket answer to your question. The general "correct" answer is that you are going to use a bungy type sling and a lower retention device. From there you have several methods to get at the solution.

The bungy sling comes in two forms. One is the traditional single point which wraps around the body. This has its pluses and minuses, but I can't stand another thing wrapped around my body, hence I don't like to use them for a secondary weapon.

The secondary method is a "Wolf hook" type single point. Several differant methods to do so, but the challange is that it's hard to standardize a sling because there are so many differant carriers you could be using the shotgun with.

The bungy sling is used because you want to have the shotgun close when slung, but be able to extend it out as required should you for example need to do a hing breach, or work off of a stairway. "A" ideal spot for the shotgun to hang when slung is under your arm pit, so based on your anchor point that determines the sling leangth needed.

Lower Retention:

The 870 MCS's sling point attachement is a Kydex model with a method to route it through MOLLIE. It grips the 870 between the reciever and the forend.

For years the "Blackhawk" style slung weapons catch was the standard. It uses a velcro covered catch with a metal stiffener which wraps around the belt. Some use it with the opening pointing forward, some with it orented to the rear, depending on their TTP's. Blackhawk, Eagle and Tyr make variations on this them.

We currently provide elements of DOD with a magnetic system of retention to use with their hybrid Mossberg Breaching shotguns, and are currently refining a Mod 1 version which offers additional options for retaining the shotguns. These can be vest or belt mounted, and can also be used for other items if required.

As we worked through the concepts behind the sling the formost constraint was that the transition from the shotgun back to the carbine was the most crucial part of the breach, and the design we hope effectively acheaves that.

Look hard at your other supporting TTP's. From my background we recommend the shotgun when slug is hammer down on a empty chamber or on an expended shell.

In general anything mounted on your back is a no go, but I have seen it. I have also seen some effective use of a scabbard, such as from Eagle used as sort of a cross draw holster.

Mike R
11-05-12, 15:08
Thank you for the input everyone, I appreciate it.

The magnet idea is interesting to me, as I have seen magnetic mag carriers for IPSC competition- is there any issue with magnetizing the components and making them retain metal shavings/debris?

11-11-12, 17:42
Gotta go Masterkey