View Full Version : FSB sling swivel rivet question

11-04-08, 21:44
what rivet tool do people use to install FSB sling swivel rivets? do i need anything special for this or can i just use a cheap/generic rivet tool from Harbor Freight.

Thx for any help.

11-05-08, 02:20
This is one on me. I clicked the thread thinking you wanted to know how to take one out:D

11-05-08, 07:46
I assume you're using the proper rivet made for the swivel rather than a pop rivet. Those rivet guns are for pop rivets.
While there's likely an expensive tool to do it with I just use a center punch to flare the hollow end of the rivet then smack it flat with a punch that is larger than it is.
Be sure to back the other side on something solid so it doesn't just punch through.