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Noodles McGee
12-18-08, 19:29
Can anyone reccomend a good general purpose powder for loading 223/556.

i'm thinkin either a 55gr fmj or a 68gr hpbt


12-18-08, 19:51
I'm working up loads with IMR 4895 and Ramshot TAC for a 55gr FMJ load. I mainly chose those two powders because I'm also loading 7.62mm for my FAL.

12-18-08, 20:42
Loaded about 200 rounds of 223 with 25.0gr (I think, I'm away from my notes) of Ramshot TAC. Didn't really have a chance to test groups, but it works well enough for a fun load.

12-18-08, 20:46
For good, cheap and reliable powder for those bullets give a serious look at H335 or W748. They meter great and are consistent.


12-18-08, 21:17
+1 h335. I load on a dillon and it meters great.


12-18-08, 22:52
I have used W748 for all weights of 223 loads and have had good results. I have switched to BLC-2 since I can buy it in bulk a bit cheaper - results have been good also.

Either meters well and can be purchased in 8lb containers.

12-19-08, 07:12
TAC or W748. TAC is cheaper and really ideal for heavier bullets. But 24.5 grains of TAC is a very accurate 55 grain load that some of us use here. It's a mild load, but runs well in the AR for practice ammo.

tiger seven
12-19-08, 09:29
I've had good results with W748 across a fairly wide variety of bullet weights. It seems to work well with just about any .223 bullet.


12-19-08, 10:46
There's 2 complaints I read/hear about 748.

1. It's a little dirty.... I personally don't find it to be very dirty. and...

2. It's temperature sensitive. This isn't a biggie to me since I load it 100 fps under max and am not building precision ammo with it.

12-19-08, 13:53
BL-(C2) is my first choice with H335 second....have had excellent results with both.

12-19-08, 15:19
I personally think that W748 and H335 are the same. Results are just too identical. I've seen minor temperature sensativity in both. Neither is suited for heavy bullets.

My 69gr. loads are with Varget and it (as a stick powder) meters AWESOME in my Dillon 650.


12-19-08, 18:57
[QUOTE=uscbigdawg;273986]I personally think that W748 and H335 are the same. Results are just too identical.

Back when I first started reloading...that would be around 1985. The general train of thought then was that BL-(C2) and Win 748 were the same powder. Since Hogdon began as a surplus powder distributor, repackaging Mil Surplus powders for civialian use...this is a very real possibility.
Although after contacting Hogdon they deny this but say the burn rates between Ball C 2 and Win 748 is virtual identical.
Personally I have never cared to use any stick powders in the .223/5.56 cartridges....I admit that I have shot some very accurate and highly consistent groups from an Old Heavy Barrell Bolt Varminter using a charge of IMR 4895 and a 60gr Berger.

Noodles McGee
12-19-08, 19:06
Hmm, some intresting replies.

I remember a friend of mine using the BL C2 for the 7.62x39. That would kill two powder birds with one stone for me.

12-19-08, 19:29
best over all that I've used has been Accurate Arms 2230 seem to keep the most consistant accuracy hot or cold, Down side is you can't find it anywere, I usally have to order 8 pound kegs online.

12-19-08, 19:40
These are the powders I have tried:

Vihtavuori N135- Very clean but does not meter well through my Dillon measure.

Hodgdon H335- Good accuracy, meters well, but not real clean.

Hodgdon Varget- I did not have good success with 60 gr. bullets with this powder for some reason. It does not meter well through the Dillon measure.

Accurate 2230- I got a good deal on 8lbs of it. Fairly accurate and meters well but is dirty.

Hodgdon Benchmark- This is a short grain extruded powder and flows through my Dillon measure very well. I have had great success with it in 308 and the limited amount I have tried it in 223/5.56 looks promising. It is an "Extreme" powder which means that it should be very consistent in varying temps.

12-19-08, 20:57
Im using IMR 3031 for 55gr FMB BT @ 22.0 gr. I havent has a chance to shoot the rounds I made yet because we have a pretty good snow storm going on right now. I will say it doesnt meter that well through my Hornady powder feed. It has made me think about getting a electronic powder measure/scale.


12-21-08, 14:41
I use Varget with my 77gr Nosler match loads - meters quite well in my XL650

I generally dont load for 55gr - as generally I buy cases of it for courses and just always seem to have a crate or two lying around for practice.

12-22-08, 07:49
Been using WC846 lately for .223/5.56. It meters well.

12-22-08, 21:47
I like H335 the best! Varget is a stick powder, and doesn't meter as well.

12-23-08, 01:08
Hmm, some intresting replies.

I remember a friend of mine using the BL C2 for the 7.62x39. That would kill two powder birds with one stone for me.

I've tried BLC-2 in my MAK90/7.62x39 and had poor results. If you try it, beware of erratic velocities and sudden changes in pressure with relatively small changes in charge weight.

I gave up on that and stick with AA1680 in the 7.62x39.

12-23-08, 23:59
TAC Ramshot - I have worked up two loads (55gr and 62gr) and will be starting 69gr in the new year. Meters well in a Dillon.

Plan on using this for 7.62x51 as well - later.

12-30-08, 09:05
I'm surprised no-one has mentioned H322. Best all-around powder that I have found for the weights you are looking at, and excellent accuracy.

12-30-08, 10:01
I use AA2230 for everything from 50 grains up to 77. Right now my "bulk" load is 24.5 grains & Montana Gold 55 FMJ's. Gives me about 2950 fps in a 16" bbl. The next batch I'm gonna bump it up a little bit, but I load a little light on purpose.

I've loaded well over 10K & shot over 7K of that and it's been fine. Meters consistently through a Dillon, and plenty accurate in several different guns.

22 grains w/a 69 grn Nosler gave me 2685fps in a 20" and about 2590fps in a 16"
That can be bumped up a little, too, but for me I'm done w/69ers, at the range at least...........

I just started playing w/77SMK's. 22.5 grains gave me 2520 fps in a 16" I'm looking for some Ramshot Tac for more experimenting. Tac was recommended for the 77SMK to me by somebody with a lot of game-winning experience.

I used 2230C when it was available for 308's & 30-06 as well. I don't have the info in front of me right now though, if anybody wants it I'll dig it up.

Hope this helps.....

12-30-08, 21:07
i use VARGET and AA2015BR

01-04-09, 23:49
I've had good luck with IMR4895, but it does not meter very well throught my RCBS dispenser. W748, it was OK. I'm using 335 now and plan on get 8lbs of 844(pulled down, non-canister grade 335) from pats when i have the extra money. My 4895 loads shot the best so far, but I just changed bullets and then had a surprise surgery and can't go out.:mad:

Try a few of the powders recommended with quality bullets and and stock up on the best.

ETA- Reloader 15 is very popular for heavy bullets

01-10-09, 22:00
I've used AA2460 with good results with a 55 grain bullet. It meters well and ins't dirty.

01-17-09, 18:44
Whatever you can get your hands on.