View Full Version : Little play b/t colt 6520 and bravotac m4 upper

01-15-09, 21:04
Hey gents hope all are well and are geared up for a lil trigger time this weekend! I just wanted to see if the play b/t a upper and lower ard the front pin i think more than back would be the type of fix that the wedge is for and if this is ok and can be fixed or if i need to seek another more difficult approach. If it helps the 6520 is brand new, so i think the pin holes are not like the older colts.

Thanks much guys in advance!

01-15-09, 21:37
From what I've read here on M4C, the "little play/slop" is okay.





01-15-09, 22:51
Thanks very much CLHC for taking ur time to find the exact perfect threads for me brother! This is exactly the reason that over the last yr and half i have rediscovered my love for firearms w. 100 percent more enthuism and enjoyment. The ability to ask ur peers...very, very smart peers the burning ?'s about ur passionate hobby that so often prevent many from fully engaging in their hobbies due to insufficent knowledge and commrodity. Well i see that b/t RFC.com and here i can damn near do anything i need to do w. the Vast knowledge, but more importantly the kindness of all who w. such knowledge take the time to pass in down and share the LOVE...this is exactly why they wont ever take our battle rifles away. PLUS they are all absolute shitzz kickers-that breathe fire!