View Full Version : Price on a used Sig 228

06-24-09, 14:14
What's a good price on a used sig 228 no rail. The one they had is priced at $600. I'd say it's about 85-90% condition, looked like a safe queen. It's made in Germany not W.Germany and 2 10 rd magazines with box and manual. Is it a good deal?

06-24-09, 21:32
So it's a very good, in box gun? If so, I'd say that's on the north end of the fair price spectrum.

06-24-09, 22:52
Seems steep. SIG sells refurbished department trades for much less. The P228 has been out of production for several years. My wife's is 11 years old, probably has around 18,000+ rounds through it with only a new set of springs. The finish on the slide is worn bare in several places from holster wear and the barrel is polished to an almost chrome-like finish on the high wear areas but other than that you'd never know it was that old. See if you can get it down to $500.00 and make'em throw in a bunch of magazines.