View Full Version : Recommendations on the S&W 41 rimfire?

06-28-09, 10:44
I've been checking out the S&W 41 pistols lately. Never had a chance to fire one or even see one up close. The problem is, street prices run $900 to $1000, so most shops (at least in my area) don't seem to keep these in stock. Apparently most folks don't want to spend this kind of cash for a .22. But I've seen a few reviews that make me wonder if the 41 may be an exceptional pistol.

It would help to hear from folks who own a 41 or have fired one quite a bit. Is it worth spending this much, assuming you're willing to pay for a higher level of accuracy and performance? Or--similar to the scenario with the 10/22 rifles--is a person better off just getting a Ruger MK II/III or a Browning Buckmark, and customizing it? For those who have owned/used the 41's AND the Rugers or Browning, what did you find to be significantly different or better about the 41?

mike benedict
06-28-09, 11:56
I shot one in bullseye for years and it was a pain in the butt.

It was certainly accurate but it was ammo sensitive. A lot of ammo brands would not extract. I had millions of rounds of Winchester and it did not work at all with it. Mostly shot Federal which usually worked but not some lots.
I sold it and bought a Ruger
I could not tell the difference in group size and the Ruger just worked all the time.

06-28-09, 16:41
save your money. Buy the Ruger.

06-28-09, 20:23
I currently have 2 Mod 41 S&W's. a HB and a 71/2". I have had 2 others over the years. The HB I got new in 1974 and it is still one of the most accurate .22's I have. I shot Bullseye for years with it. I shoot it better than my High Standard's, Browning's or Ruger's. It has a great trigger and good balance - limit your shooting to std velocity stuff. If you want a general purpose .22 that will do anything pretty good - get a Ruger. If you want a beautiful, accurate handgun with a sole - get the 41.

06-29-09, 09:49
I have a 1981 model. Replaced the spring with a Wolff 6.5 lb and I feed it Remington gold tip bulk (cheap) bullets. Shoots great and more accurate than Rugers. Well worth it if you enjoy looking at fine craftsmanship and better accuracy and are willing to pay for it.

Tango Down
07-02-09, 18:42
I've shot my M 41 7 1/2" for 18+ years. Most accurate .22 pistol I own. It's a beautifully made gun, that I constantly 're-discover'. When in hand, it is something special.

Next up in preference is the Buckmark, considerably less expensive but well designed and manufactured. One of my favorites to suppress.

The Walther P22 is worth owning in the inexpensive, reliable class, easy to supress (thanks, Gemtech) but a lousy trigger. Great plinker for new shooters.

Sorry, guys..but the Ruger is the biggest disappointment I have ever purchased. Horrible design (the 22.45 even worse), difficult to strip and reassemble, average accuracy, and that Ruger..'feel'. It's cheap, the only thing going for it.

Put the money toward something worth owning and handing down.