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Dan Goodwin
07-03-09, 22:36
Currently mulling whether to go big bore vs. very high cap. while off duty and hung on several choices.

I usually just carry my issued G27 off duty, but would like a little larger hole/or more muzzle velocity/or lots more BBs on tap.

Due to a recent revision in department history, I'm told we were never allowed to carry 1911/SAOs off duty so am considering:

M&P .45 FDE manual safety regular or mid-size: Nice ergos, sufficient rounds on tap.

or G21SF: ammo pricey but relatively available for the .45s. Bit bigger than the Smith, but more big bullets.

or G20SF: ammo pricey and relatively difficult to obtain, but dang it I've always wanted one. A 16-shot .41 Magnum!

or just going for cheap ammo and hi cap and getting a G17 or 34.

Really just want to fool with a new pistol, but would like your input if you carry any or all of these guns OD or CCW.

Thank you.

07-03-09, 22:47
What do you carry on duty? Get one of those for off duty. Better yet, unless some pathetic policy prevents it, carry your duty gun off-duty.

Typical .40-cal ammo from a G27 is more than adequate in the "making bad people stop being bad" department. If you want more bullets, use a G23 or G22 magazine.

If you're just using this as an excuse to buy a new gun, get the G20 since you said you've always wanted one. Odds are you'll be back to carrying the G27 in no time, but at least you'll have added a wanted gun to the pile.

Dan Goodwin
07-03-09, 23:58
Todd, this is definitely a pile builder. Goal is equipping the whole family in time of need.

I dithered and let a G20SF in OD get bought by someone else last week...indecision.

I carry the 27 every day at work, but as a certified member of The Brotherhood of Gun Whores I feel the need to carry something different from time to time.

The whole "can't carry your Government Model" thing has got me a bit miffed and wanting something MORE that meets the new rule.

Been carrying my G23 with G32 barrel in it lately just because.

And, I'm kinda looking for a reason to go non-Glock with the S&W M&P .45. All are about the same price point through my LE dealer, except the G17 which is about $70 less.

If Smith made the M&P in 10mm the question would be answered!:cool:

Patrick Aherne
07-04-09, 00:53
Carry the G27. Buy more ammo and take a class. It's just a tool.

Oscar 319
07-04-09, 01:43
As a certified gun whore and a guy who has dozens of choices of "what to carry";

For "business", it is all Glock 22/23/27 for me. You'll only be shorting yourself carrying all different platforms/combos/calibers.

There is nothing wrong with a G27, especially when teamed with a G23.

07-04-09, 02:22
Depending on the particulars of your issued 1911, agency policy that prohibits any extra use of it might be doing your folks a favor.

Your G27 isn't leaving any need unfulfilled. Take two, they're small. If you want a few more rounds, carry G23 or G22 spares. A G23 is a great CCW gun, too.

If you just want to buy a new gun, buy what you like.

07-04-09, 03:21
I carry a G17 daily, with +2 mag bases I have 20 rounds of +P+ on tap before a reload is mandatory. This makes me happy.

I've also been known to carry my G34 off-duty, it carries IWB pretty much like the G17, and certainly isn't any harder to carry than a 1911.

If you get the G20 then you can also get barrels for it so that you can shoot both .40 and .357Sig ammo if you want to.

Dan Goodwin
07-04-09, 08:14
Let me rephrase:

Have any of y'all carried the G20/21SFs/M&P45s OD or CCW and how were they compared to each other or the smaller frame Glocks?

Again, just thinking of something bigger or faster than .40 due to the new no 1911s rule (my only .45 is a Series '70 Mk IV GM bought in '79) or a very hi-cap 9mmP due to the multiple BG scenario becoming more common (and it's hard to conceal my 6933 under a T-shirt at Wal-Mart).

In the end, of course, I'd like to have them all.:D

07-04-09, 10:04
Dan.. I just went through a similar thing. I went with the 21SF. Loving it so far I carry it IWB in a blade tec rig and hide it under a T shirt. I can also get a 20 bbl and have 10 mm..

That being said I have been known to carry my 34 from time to time

And ill be getting an M&P
Good luck

07-04-09, 11:34
What about a G19?

Dan Goodwin
07-05-09, 10:32
Got one, that's why I'm thinking about going to a G34. The "standard" size Glocks have just never done much for me, though I'm considering the G17.

Know a pawn shop that's had a G29 just sitting on the shelf for about three years, may just go in there with cash and get a grip reduction and aftermarket longer barrel for better velocities.

07-05-09, 11:54
Personally, I had a Glock 34 for a while and couldn't shoot it as well as my 17 or 19. I could never figure that out.

07-05-09, 12:16
[QUOTE=ToddG;402670]What do you carry on duty? Get one of those for off duty. QUOTE]

Normally, I would agree with you but my department carries SIG229s. Our duty pistols are fine (about 8 years old now) but I don't like transferring my duty pistol back and forth......I know one day shift I will go to work not realizing why my duty belt is lighter ( I am NOT a morning person). I have tried carrying another SIG but I have experienced SIGs drop in QC with three horrible pistols, all purchased in the last two years. I wanted something lighter so I ended up with a H&K P2000 V3 DA/SA and love it.

07-05-09, 16:04
In all honesty, I'd carry the same type of gun off-duty as on...

If you want a change, get a G26, G19 or G17.

I have carried an M&P45 w/ambi safety--it works as well as a 1911 or G17 and is not any harder to carry off-duty, although I think my favorite M&P is the .40 w/ambi safety.

Dan Goodwin
07-05-09, 17:49
Guess I'll just see what GT in Rossville has in stock this week and flip some coins, Doc. I'm pretty much wed to Glock system, M&P is close and feeling like a big bore is indicated.