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07-08-09, 12:04
I saw this pistol that was shown at Shot Show 2009 and I really like the custom grip texture and was wondering if anyone in the gunsmithing community could do this on a Glock 17.

If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be a big help for me. I've spent alot of time researching custom Glock grips and havent come close to this texture.

07-08-09, 12:18
Snakedoctor - your picture isn't coming up. Check out this thread right above yours: http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?t=28386

07-08-09, 12:20

07-08-09, 13:09
Quite a few gunsmiths out there doing Glock grip treatments - and in fact most of these treatments probably originated with the Glock. Here in NoVA I had a local 'smith modify the grips on all but one of my Glocks and have been happy with the results:


Edited to add: My local 'smith offers a couple of options on how aggressive a stippling job the customer wants. Aggressive results in a more course and visible texture. The milder treatment, which I requested, results in a look close to the look on Dr. Lunde's gun. I'm guessing most of the recognized grip treatment guys could get your gun to look like Dr. Lunde's so long as you provide them a good pic of the desired texture. David Bowie, Boresight Solutions, are two who come to mind who could probably handle this for you. If you're in NoVA, Hatfields Gunsmithing can take care of you.

07-08-09, 14:37
Do they have a website or any contact information?

07-08-09, 14:54
Do they have a website or any contact information?

Contact Ben @ Boresight Solutions: http://www.boresightsolutions.com/