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07-17-09, 17:25
Where do you guys buy bulk cleaning patches? I have purchased these (http://www.amazon.com/Southern-Bloomer-1000-pack-Cleaning-Patches/dp/B00077BNDY) and they leave fibers every where. Maybe I am just thinking too much and should buy some from Walmart when they finally get some more back in stock.

07-17-09, 17:33
I like the Outers patches.They're the only widely available patches i've found that dont leave the garbage.

I've seen them at some Wal-Marts.


I just double them up when needed.

07-17-09, 17:48
The best patches are the ones you make yourself.

You need a steel or aluminum straightedge (a drywall square or rafter square work fine), a rotary cutter and a plastic cutting mat. If your wife/mother/grandmother/sister/girlfriend/parole officer quilts, she will have the cutter and mat.

Buy flannel at Walmart or a fabric store. Often, it is on sale. Kid's pajama flannel works fine. Bunny patterns will win you smiles at the range.

Decide on the dimensions you need.

Fold the fabric so you have four or six layers (however many you can cut in one pass).

Place it on the cutting mat. Measure and mark.

Put the straightedge on the marked flannel, and cut it with the rotary cutter.

Now you have cheap patches exactly the size and density and color you need.

PS: The patches will be more absorbent if you wash the flannel before cutting it to remove the sizing. But it works fine without washing.

07-17-09, 18:26
...for me.



07-17-09, 18:33
Patches??? I thought we were'nt supposed to clean the bore??? Sorry, could'nt resist.:D

07-17-09, 19:13
I buy the 2x2 unioversal synthetic patches from outers at Wally World. They work fine grab a lot of gunk in a few sweeps and don't leave any fibers.

07-17-09, 23:20
I will consider all the suggestions, thanks guys.

07-18-09, 13:15
Why use patches? I love the boresnakes

07-18-09, 17:13
Another for Outers from Wally World.

As for the "Why not a Boresnake"...cuz I've still got patches left lol.

07-18-09, 18:52
i just place a bulk order for patches whenever i place an order with brownells.