View Full Version : S&W M&P 40 to .357Sig Storm Lake barrel...will my sights require adjustment?

07-19-09, 15:14
Thinking of picking up a Storm Lake .357 Sig ported barrel for nothing more then shits and giggles, if I ever feel froggy and want to shoot .357Sig I'll have the ability.

That said, I have seen it posted elsewhere that the same sight parts numbers are given for the fullsize pistols from S&W...how does this NOT create a POI shift between the different calibers as muzzle velocity is different for each? Is it simply negligible?

So I suppose my question is, if I use a .357 Sig barrel in my M&P40FS will the bullets go where I point them? :p

Thanks for any help you can lend me!

07-19-09, 15:34
Mechanically, a different barrel, means a difference in unlocking, recoil, and re-locking.

Whether or not it is a SIGNIFICANT enough difference to induce a change in POI/POA, you will not know until you start putting rounds down range.

My guess, is that it wont be much of a difference that would require any significant hold over/under..