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07-20-09, 19:23
I have G17, USP 45, AR, AK, Shotgun, 22 Rifle
So what's next?

I'd like it to be a handgun, I'm definitely going to order a 22 kit for the Glock....

I have two thousand USDs to spend -


Mark 23?
Something else?

07-20-09, 19:38
Need a nice 1911 :)

07-20-09, 19:44
I prefer to build a "battery" vs a collection. I'd say another G17 or another quality AR is in order.

07-20-09, 21:18
Why not another semi-auto rifle. A second AR will work or something like a FAL. A M1 Garand or Springfield M1A could also be a option.

Bob Reed
07-20-09, 22:40

I firmly believe that "one is none" & "two is one" and so on.

There for I think everyone should have a Minimum of a "Pair and a Spare" of all their favorite platforms.

BTW: A Pair and a Spare = 3 of the same exact makes & models.

07-21-09, 01:17
A G19 would compliment the G17 or you could pick up another G17. Another AR would also be a good suggestion.

However I am a firm believer that no gun collection is complete without a quality 1911. I would recommend the Springfield TRP or if you save just a few more $$$ you could have a Springfield Pro (my top choice).

07-21-09, 04:57
Glock 26 and/or a S&W 642

You have no BUGs on your current list.

07-21-09, 05:57
What's next for what? Filling the safe or something more useful?

What you buy next is going to depend on your perception of firearms in general. Is owning them the end-state, or are there activities you need the firearms for or uses you envision them for?

For example, TPD mentions not having a concealment piece. GREAT point, but if you aren't going to carry anyway, or can't in your state, maybe not applicable to your situation. Maybe you're a hunter and you're looking for some excitement, in which case a 6" 1911 in 10mm might be just what you need for taking hogs up close.

I'm a competition shooter and concealed carry and self-defense minded non-LE civilian. If I found myself suddenly in possession of your exact "collection" and had $2k burning a hole in my pocket I'd sell off the shotgun and the Universally Shitty Pistol, buy a Glock 19 and 26 (or maybe even a Kahr PM9 instead of the 26), and pick up a spare AR. This assumes that the first AR isn't a POS, and if it is then I'd ditch it too and get a pair of 6920s, Noveskes, BCMs, or Daniel Defense. I'd probably sell off the shotgun as well, or at least not replace it if it got stolen.

07-21-09, 07:06
I just wish I had $2,000 to spend:mad:

Seriously I'll you've given us to work with is you want to spend $2K and you would like a pistol. I could do alot of things with 2K on one of three projects I have, none of which would be a new firearm. I have four more then I shoot right now and keep thinking I should sell them off to mod the ones I'm retaining.

Given your current on hand list I'd look at a second G17(maybe a 34), and a second AR, with optic. That should take you to $2K no problem.

07-21-09, 07:40
I'm with JHC - build a "battery." Except if I had that quota filled, then I'd get a cool lever action and/or a packable survival rifle.

...But you want a pistol. A quality 1911 sounds good. A compact Glock for concealed carry would be smart as well as another AR.