View Full Version : Glock 19 Phase Three Malfunctions

07-27-09, 13:21
Have any Glock 19s with finger grooves experienced the Phase 3 malfunction?

IE: finger grooves, but with a two-pin frame?


07-27-09, 17:00
Probably a better way to phrase the question would be "Have any current generation Glock 19s with receiver fingergrooves, light rails, and barrels with a bevel at the top of the hood (where the barrel top mates with the slide ejection port cut-out) experienced a Phase 3 malfunction?"

I believe that the barrel bevel was crucial in modifying the barrel lock/unlocking process, which went a long way to successfully resolving the Phase 3 malfunctions.

Since the modifications done at the original behest of the NYPD years ago, the impression that I have is that the G19 has soldiered on to an impeccible reputation; I've certainly been pleased with my personal sample size of one.

Best, Jon

07-27-09, 19:26
My 2 Gen IIs and my finger grooved Gen 3 just one year old have never experienced a Phase 3.

Back when this was going hot and heavy, I thought the most likely explanation was cycling dynamics with the NY++ whatever trigger parts.

07-27-09, 21:21
since the mods were performed on the NYPD guns i have not heard of any phase 3's.

07-28-09, 19:35
Thanks. Mine is from somewhere around 2002, plus or minus and has two pins and finger grooves. I'm just wondering if the phase three may pop up sometime.

If it's isolated to the non-finger groove models, I would love to know.

Thanks again.

02-22-12, 14:41
I know of one happening as late as 05/06 in a Brooklyn shooting.

02-23-12, 09:00
I know of one happening as late as 05/06 in a Brooklyn shooting.

I've only heard of the gen 4 9mm blocks having issues of late. Didn't hear of any issues with the gen 3 g19 in the two bk boroughs back then but the only folks who could tell for sure are the mos involved and the folks at Rodman's like DetMongo. If DetMongo heard of it happening I'm sure he could mention it. The whole gen 4 issue is why I now regret selling my g19 but I know a retired mos is most likely enjoying his.