View Full Version : FN FNP 9 anyone have any first hand experience with these.

07-29-09, 16:16
A couple of weeks ago I had an opportunity to fire an FN FNP 9mm at my local range. I was very impressed with this pistol and it is one of the few polymer framed handguns that I really like shooting. I thought it was well balanced, accurate, and it felt right to me. My question is does any first hand experience owning an FNP and what are your thoughts on this pistol?

My primary use would be a general purpose pistol that could also serve as a lighter pistol for CCW.

07-29-09, 16:25
I've got one, but I've only got about 250ish rounds through it. It seems to be holding up pretty good so far. One thing I like about it is that the 9mm version seems to shoot extremely "soft" with very controllable recoil. Another plus for me was that the pistol came with 3 magazines total so there really isn't a need to spend much money on accessories for the gun.

I've got the FNP-9, DA/SA MS, USG. One thing I don't like about the gun is the safety as it seems to be a little too easy to disengage. This would only really be a problem if you planned on carrying it locked and loaded [it will even disengage if you set the gun back down into the factory plastic box since it was not designed for the FNP with safety]. I haven't carried mine at all yet since I've got a smaller gun for that, but I can see how the safety could easily get disengaged by rubbing up against something or just by hitting on accident with your arm or hand while reaching in your pocket.

Also keep in mind that FNH runs promos from time to time where you can get free equipment for your weapon. When I purchased mine earlier this year they were running a deal to get a free Bladetech holster, magazine holster, and training barrel. More recently I've seen them run deals on ear/eye protection (http://www.fnhusa.com/le/promos/Eyesears.asp).


07-29-09, 23:42
After 5 years of my wife barely tolerating my gun addiction, I finally convinced her to start learning how to shoot.
I took her to the range, and while she did ok with some of my pistols, she really didn't like any of them. So we started renting different ones that they had at the range.

She tried a Beretta FS92, a Glock 19, a Ruger SR9, and the FN FNP9.
Of those 9mm's, hands down she enjoyed the FN. She was beaming by the end of the day after having shot several bullseyes with the FN.

I liked it as well. It was easy to shoot, balanced, instinctively accurate when point shooting, and easy to take down for cleaning.
An added bonus (to me) is the fact is has no safety. I'm not a big fan of mechanical safeties on a handgun, cept maybe the 1911's (the only pistol I have with a safety is a 1911)

I bought her the FN for our anniversary, I got the stainless slide version with the night sights. She has not had a lick of trouble from it, no need to 'buff it in' or anything. It shot perfectly from round one.

Edit to add... I think the poster above me is thinking the decocking lever is a safety. If so.... its not. The gun goes bang when you pull the trigger.
(Unless there is something else on his gun not shown in his pic and not found on our gun. Maybe they offered a different model with a safety, but if so you'd think it'd be on the left side of the gun so you could disengage it with your thumb)

07-30-09, 02:54
The usg model modifies the decocker to serve as a thumb safety too. I was just fine without the safety. The only reason I got rid of it was a cousin needed it for personal protection. Accurate and soft shooting. I may get another one.

07-30-09, 06:06
The gun is nice, and I prev owned one. I also used to run the FN Forum.

It is accurate and a soft shooter. I sold mine because the hard chromed kinda screwed up the finish on the slide.

However - I would not buy another until 1 thing happens - Wolff springs needs to make mag spring replacements.

Many people online have experienced the slide not locking back after the last round. As I ran the forum and read every post on the website, I saw the posts over time. I too had that issue.

I called FN, and they were super polite and had me send the mags in for replacement. However - I pointed out the appearance of a problem. There was an admission of this possibility, but it was stated that FN in Belgium didn't yet see it as an issue.

I'd likely buy another FNP if I could ever get replacement mag springs.

07-30-09, 11:56
I think Shipwreck hit on the problem with the pistol - no aftermarket support. Walk into the average gun store and there is nothing for the FN9.

Keep that in mind. There's a reason NATO wants everyone to use the same mags.


07-30-09, 18:51
Well, there are a LOT more holsters available for it now. And, when I had mine, XD holsters would work too

07-30-09, 21:15
Shipwreck and M_P,

I know that the FNP is a relatively new design. Aftermarket support is important to me but not my primary concern because I'm not going to put alot of hard use on this pistol (est 1500-2500 rds/yr) and most of my firearms related purchases are online. Do you think this pistol become more popular and common in time or do you think it is going to remain a relatively uncommon pistol? I'm also exploring and researching a few other pistols as well.

Thank you for your help.

07-31-09, 06:30
Its hard to say. Nothing is more popular than a Glock. I wish the Walther P99 had taken off better - but after 10-11 years, Smith and Wesson and Walther have done a horrible job marketing it in the USA.

The FNPs popularity are picking up - and there are aftermarket night sights and holsters now. I think that's about 90%+ of all the accessories most people ever want for a gun.

As I said - the mag springs are my biggest issue with this design. I may get another FNP 1 day - but not until there are aftermarket springs. I really like the looks of the ones with the dark earth frame.

The M&P has really taken off in popularity. So, it's still possible for new designs to make headway. I don't know how popular the FNP will eventually become, though.

08-02-09, 04:03
There is a review of this pistol in the latest issue of combat handguns. Haven't read it yet. Its on the cover as well.

09-01-09, 09:00
Just wanted to bump this to see if anyone else had any large amount of trigger time with one.

12-07-09, 19:55
Curios to hear about some serious trigger time as well.

Had a friend that previously owned one but sold it just for the hell of it.
As far as im concerned fn has hit upon all the major areas of a great pistol as far as ergonomics go.

Now if someone can speak legitimately upon the accuracy, reliability, and availability of aftermarket parts now were talkin :cool:

12-07-09, 20:51
Try this thread.


12-08-09, 14:11
From what I had read, FN no longer markets the FNP in the US anymore but now sells the FNX which is supposedly just a slightly improved version of the FNP.

I like the pistol and FN's reputation, but after owning a Glock for so long I like the hammerless design and am not interested in the decocker or safety.

Its hard to say. Nothing is more popular than a Glock. I wish the Walther P99 had taken off better - but after 10-11 years, Smith and Wesson and Walther have done a horrible job marketing it in the USA.

The first time I held the P99 I couldn't believe how nice it felt in my hands. It was like it was made for me. The problem I have is its low capacity.

A Walther P99 is the same size as a full sized Glock but holds less rounds than a midsized Glock.