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08-04-09, 21:17
Picked this up this afternoon.

Did a quick clean and lube of the internals and the trigger feels pretty good dry firing.

I've got 500 rds to run through it on Sunday so I will have a range report after that. Better pics will follow too.




08-04-09, 21:47
The local shop had a Sig sale about two months back and the rep from Sig showed me his personal Blackwater Tactical and I thought it was a mighty impressive pistol at least from my cursory inspection. Congrats on your new acquisition!

08-05-09, 01:48

I love my P226ST. (all stainless version of a P226)

08-09-09, 18:34

I love my P226ST. (all stainless version of a P226)

I took it out to the range this AM and ran 250 rounds through it without any issues, 150 115 gr FMJ, and 100 124 gr +P Hollow points. It was dead nuts accurate, has a great trigger. It's made in the USA and has a born on date of 6/29/2009. It came with a hollow steel guide rod and acts like the chorman 226 I had about 10 years ago.

I see everyone knocking current Sigs but this one lives up to my expectations, I really like the sights especially the front one.

I tore it down before shooting it and carefully lubed it the same way I did my old 226.

08-09-09, 20:06
...acts like the chorman226 I had about 10 years ago.

What is a chorman 226?

08-09-09, 20:15
Check the recoil spring, make sure it is the triple strand type that SIG is "known" for. For a while they were shipping these out with a single strand spring (mine come with a single strand). I made a call to their tech guys who sent out the correct recoil spring right away.

08-09-09, 21:54
Chorman German

Normal Stranded Sig type spring

08-10-09, 02:47
Nice! Just wondering why the slide does not state "Blackwater USA"

08-11-09, 22:24
Nice Sig, I like it!