View Full Version : Your experience with the CZ-85B

08-06-09, 13:36
Anyone has any experience with this particular CZ pistol regarding its durability and reliabilty? It's the same as the CZ-75B just has ambi controls.

An Undocumented Worker
08-06-09, 14:49
I have no experience with that particular CZ, but my 75D compact has been great.

08-06-09, 15:54
I have no experience with the CZ85 but I do own a CZ75B which is a very similiar and it is a great pistol. It is very accurate and I have found it 100% reliable firing a variety of different ammo. Plus since the CZ is relatively heavy, recoil is very light and it is a very easy pistol to shoot well.

08-07-09, 11:13
I currently own 4 CZ products--1 rifle and 3 pistols--and one of those is an 85 Combat I've had for years. It's in the category of lifetime keeper. It has well over 13,000 rounds through it (now I think it is closer to 14K, I can't recall the exact number because I'm at work and the records are at home), and apart from some routine maintenance that is recommended on any CZ (replacing springs, slide stop, etc.), I've had ZERO mechanical failures or breakdowns. I also don't recall the exact number of stoppages, but I know it was EXTREMELY low, the percentage of stoppages was lower than any other pistol I've owned.

If you are wanting to get an 85, I wouldn't worry about long-term durability and reliability. In my experience, my 85, and the 85's of many fellow CZ owners at my range and in the CZ forums, have been rock-solid reliable. In terms of overall frame lifetime and durability, it will probably outlive most polymer pistols that you have tried.

08-07-09, 12:56
I'd rather have the 85 Combat, no firing pin safety, much better trigger.