View Full Version : Warren tactical/Glock front sight?

08-06-09, 18:07
Hey everyone,

I got a new G17. I hate the glock sights and want a warren tactical rear. Can I get a Warren rear and keep the standard glock front sight or will there be height issues? Do I need a new front sight also?


08-06-09, 18:38
sorry you need a new front sight. the glock sight is to low.

08-06-09, 18:39
Darn looks like I'll have to order the whole set...
Thanks man

08-06-09, 19:06
I would suggest getting the tritium 2 dot sights.

08-06-09, 19:14
sorry you need a new front sight. the glock sight is to low.

Yes the factory front sight sight is too low. I believe the correct height that you will need is .215 high x .115 wide.

I bought my Warren Tactical rear and front sights from

Mike is a great guy to deal with.

08-06-09, 19:52
Don't hesitate. Get the front and rear Warren Tactical set. They are superb. I've two sets of those with tritium front only (my preference).

08-06-09, 21:35
I've ordered most of my Warrens from MLE as well, the shipping is free if you order the 2 dots, and he throws some nice little extras in with it too, mouse pad, pens, stuff like that. Shipping is fast too, I just wish his site sent out email confirmation after you ordered.