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08-08-09, 08:15
Drake did my Nighthawk Custom a couple of years ago, but he's only dealing with his own builds these days.

I have several HK Expert and P7M8 slides that I'd like to treat and refinish.

Any leads would be appreciated.

08-08-09, 09:14
In the following thread (http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?t=11996, page 3), I asked that same question of member Singlestack Wonder.

He replied thusly:

I had Drake Oldham (Drake's Gunworks) do three pistols for me. He no longer offers refinishing services for pistols he doesn't build. Coal Creek Armory (http://www.coalcreekarmory.com/) offers Meolonite QPQ services. Both of the above gunsmiths send the parts to companies that provide the Melonite QPQ finishing. Do a search on the internet for a company that does it in your state. Here in Ohio we have H&M Metals Processing. If you can do you own gunsmithing and have access to one of these metal finishing companies, that would be a less expensive route.

Drake did my pistols for approx $175 ea. Coal Creek advertises $200 for a complete pistol with bead blasting and minor flaw removal. I opted not to get the bead blasting. If you want a dull matt finish, bead blasting is the way to go.

08-08-09, 18:56
Thanks...that helps...