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08-10-09, 20:23
I need some advice.

I have a new IWB holster that I ordered in black. I like my new holster, however my new holster is staining my clothes.

When I contacted the maker (from a well know shop, not some guy who does this on the side) he just confessed that he has not found a way to seal the dye to prevent this problem. The problem is related to sweating while wearing the holster.

Any suggestions, I hate to dis the maker but really, this is not so good.


08-10-09, 21:00
You could try applying wax to the holster to try and keep a barrier between the holster and your sweat.

You could also try something like adhesive felt on the part of the holster that is damaging your clothing.

08-11-09, 00:04
After ruining several shirts I decided it was easier to switch to kydex.

Jason Burton
08-11-09, 00:40
Iíve had IWB holsters stain undershirts in the past... for me it was always seemed to be with one particular color/dye and it has never been permanent, meaning it has always come completely out with normal washing. However itís noteworthy to mention that I have never had this occur with a black colored holster and in my experience the black dye is the least likely to bleed/stain and typically penetrates/adheres to the leather extremely well.

With all that said, one trick I learned was to use a little distilled white vinegar on the holster. Apparently the acids in the vinegar can help neutralize the dye and prevent it from bleeding off.

But even still, some folks body chemistry simply isnít compatible with some dyes or acrylic finishes and in that case you could always have the dye stripped or the holster remade with a un-dyed/natural finished holster body.

08-11-09, 01:00
the vinegar is what I would have suggested, it's what is recommended to 'set' the dye if you have to recolor fading jeans.


08-11-09, 07:57
Thanks guys, I will try the vinegar trick and see. It is only black on the outboard portion (away from my body but against my pants or shirt if I tuck).