View Full Version : HiViz sights

08-15-09, 19:20
So I'm looking at sights because although I like XS sights well enough, they are a hindrance in certain aspects (local defensive pistol matches).

I notice that HiViz is up in Ft. Collins and they seem to have a small but happy following. Anyone care to chime in with thoughts/comments?

I appreciate and look forward to what you have to say. Thanks!

08-16-09, 02:37
I would say they are ok for a gun that will just be used in matches, but they are not sturdy enough for me to bet my life on. My brother thought they were a good idea and had them on his sig 239 (in 9mm), but after about 100 rounds the little flouresent tube broke. The next tube lasted about 200 rounds, and the third one broke off while in his holster. Shortly after the 3rd one he finally switched back to normal sights.