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08-16-09, 12:44
Which MODEL BladeTech holster are you using for standard carry on the hip? (OWB only please). If you are not using BladeTech, then what other EXACT model are you using? Does it have a thumbreak or other method of retention?

ANYHOW, I see BladeTech has FOUR methods of attachemnt:

DOH, Paddle, Teklock, (all shown below), and then there is the new "Stingray" design, which WAS listed in the link below last week, but is gone now. I took a quick look at them, and I remember thinking the Stingray looked best, but I honestly have no idea which I would prefer. I once owned some Teklock stuff, and hated it honestly.
I just prefer to run my 1.5" belt through the holster and have a nice SECURE method of attachment, without any swiveling, or possibility of my holster coming undone or snapping off in any way.
What are YOU guys using?


08-16-09, 13:21
I'm not a big fan of OWB and generally only do it during certain UC operations at work (obviously I carry OWB while in uniform). When carrying OWB, I use one of the Raven Phantom holsters to hold my M&P40 w/ attached light. No kind of retention device on the holster.

08-16-09, 13:36
For OWB I usually have my MP40 in a Comptac Minotaur Gladiator holster. Very comfortable, rides just right and holds the weapon close for maximum concealability. Obviously it will not conceal like an IWB, but holds just fine for me when wearing a large t shirt or button up shirt. The holster is a leather/kydex hybrid and retains the weapon nice and tight. It uses a friction lock system and if yours is made anything like mine at first it is almost too tight. But it will quickly become managable after a few hundred drills. Hope this helps.

08-16-09, 15:06
I'm not a big fan of OWB and generally only do it during certain UC operations at work (obviously I carry OWB while in uniform). When carrying OWB, I use one of the Raven Phantom holsters to hold my M&P40 w/ attached light. No kind of retention device on the holster.

I agree. I have not found a better, more concealable kydex holster. Plus you have the option of very easily converting it to IWB.

08-16-09, 15:18
Now if only RCS will start offering holsters for the 9L/Pro.

08-16-09, 19:51
My OWB is a Safariland 6378.

RAM Engineer
08-16-09, 20:06
Comp-Tac Locking Paddle.

08-17-09, 16:38
Now if only RCS will start offering holsters for the 9L/Pro.

They will if you send them your slide.

I'm currentely using a Bladetech paddle w/light. I'm about to switch to a safariland 6280.

08-17-09, 19:22
I'm issued a S&W M&P 40 at work.

OWB: Comp-Tac Paddle
IWB: CCC Looper (FBI Cant)
DUTY: I don't carry it at work right now, but when I do I have a Safariland 6360 that fits the gun with a Surefire X300 attached.

08-20-09, 09:59
Ok guys,
I think I've got it narrowed down to either the Raven Phantom OR the Comp Tac Minotaur Gladiator holster.
The Minotaur is shown below, and I must say, it looks impressive to me. I DO wish they were leather lined, but you can't always get it exactly like you want I suppose.

As for the Raven Phantom (also shown below), I like the fact that it can be EITHER an IWB or OWB. That's nice.
Does anyone have comments on which mode of carry it works best for? IOW's, does it OWB, just as good as it IWB's? I sure hope so. I generally OWB all of my handguns, as that just offers much quicker drawing for me.
I might even end up with both of these holsters.
Much thanks to you guys who commented, especially "bjw182..." for introducing me to the Minotaur Gladiator line, which I had not seen before.
Now I just have to determine WHICH mag carriers I like best. I'm looking for a double M&P45 mag carrier, that is somewhat low profile and comfortable, with secure holding, but easy draw. Hell, that's nothing too fancy eh?


Alpha Sierra
08-21-09, 18:22
I bought a Raven Phantom and sold it not more than a month later. Not comfortable at all in either IWB or OWB mode. It also rode far too high for my liking in either mode, making the gun much more difficult to conceal than my other M&P holsters.

In fact, the only time I've been made it was with an M&P inside an OWB Raven.

I am strictly now a leather guy.

I have two OWB holsters for my M&Ps.

My mostly range and casual concealment holster is a Reserve from Kirkpatrick Leather. It is easy to put on and off without undoing your belt and conceals reasonably well though it is not the best for when true concealment is necessary as it does not have enough cant and due to the nature of its attachment system it does not hug the curve of the waist like a true pancake does.


When I want deep concealment of a large handgun with an OWB rig, my leather of choice is a classic pancake from O'Rourke Leather. I have this for my M&Ps and for my K frame revolvers and with both types it does an amazing job of making them disappear under anything except form fitting clothing.


08-21-09, 20:46
Hey Alpha Sierra,
I too have always been a leather guy, but I'm still considering a Kydex rig or two, just for the heck of it.
Rest assured however, that I will still be finding a good leather holster or two for my 4" M&P45.
I especially like the look of that second leather holster you pictured, the "classic pancake from O'Rourke Leather".
I would like to ask if it is possibly available in BLACK, smooth leather (NOT suede). ??? How about it? I prefer the smooth/slick leather, instead of the suedish-textured leather exterior.
Maybe it's just a "grainy" picture above, but that second pic you posted of the O'Rourke, looks to be SUEDE-like texture for sure. ?? Or is this just the picture looking "grainy"/unclear?? (I hope?)
What say?

Alpha Sierra
08-21-09, 22:44
Razorhunter, O'Rourke holsters (except his pocket holsters) are smooth side out on both sides. They are also available in black. O'Rourke Leather (http://www.gun-holsters.com/holsters.html) website.

You might want to check out Kirkpatrick Leather (http://www.kirkpatrickleather.com) and look at their Undercover OWB model. As I mentioned, I have one style of quick detach OWB from them and I just got an IWB (Hidden Defense) also for my M&P. Turnaround is very quick (4-6 weeks) and they are duty-worthy. Kirkpatrick makes plenty of duty leather as well. They know what they are doing.

08-21-09, 23:39
They will if you send them your slide.

You're absolutely right. I talked to Jay @ RCS, and they're going to make a Phantom for my Pro + X300. God those guys rock.

08-22-09, 02:35
Good, so when my Pro gets here, I wont have to.


Thanks Titleist!

08-27-09, 16:41
Kramer Vertical Scabbard in horsehide. I've given up on kydex.

08-29-09, 15:03
For OWB with the M&P, I also use the Kramer vertical scabbard; if I have a light on the gun, then the RCS Phantom.

08-29-09, 15:15
Good, so when my Pro gets here, I wont have to.


Thanks Titleist!

I'm taking one for the team. I'll be without my M&P Pro for a few weeks to have them use it for the fitting, but after my gun they'll have the molds for future M&P Pros. :cool:

08-29-09, 15:38
I use a Blackhawk SERPA-2 locking Kydex. Very smooth, very reliable, natural point where my finger slides down to release the catch. With the paddle option, it locks around the inside of my pants and my belt on the outside, making it damn near difficult to take it off. It's not very concealable, but I like it.

08-30-09, 21:08
I'm partial to Comp-Tac

M&P 9:
OWB: Comp-Tac Belt Slide
IWB: Comp-Tac Infidel

M&P .45:
IWB: Comp-Tac MTAC

09-01-09, 23:28
m&p 9 c

comp tac Mtac (IWB): very comfy to carry, retention is good yet gun draws easily, disperses weight well and secure against my body

Raven Phantom (OWB) but i am thinking of getting the IWB kit for it. its simple but durable AND can be iwb or owb