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William B.
08-16-09, 20:34
I'm considering buying a used Ruger P93 DC for $300. Does anybody have any positive or negative reviews about this pistol? I shot a few FMJ's through it a few years back (it belongs to a friend) and they fed with no problems. Any advice?

08-16-09, 21:49
They ain't pretty, but they run. We use P89DAO and P95DAO on my job and I've never seen a malfunction and they get rode hard during training. The one part I've seen give up the ghost is the barrel link, but thats an easy fix. I'm still looking for another of either one to have. I think it would be worth it.

08-17-09, 00:51
$300.00 for a used P93? They went for that new. You're being ripped off.

08-17-09, 06:18
$300.00 for a used P93? They went for that new. You're being ripped off.

Yes I agree, I got one a few years ago NIB with night sites and 3 mags for $325. David

08-17-09, 07:52
The P93 was a bit of a sleeper in the Ruger center-fire autopistol line-up. In Ruger's context, it was a compact gun-to the rest of the world, it was still fairly large. The P93/P94/P944 were all based on the P85/P89, but possessed a more streamlined look and had some internal evolutionary improvements which made them a bit stronger and smoother-shooting (not that the P85/P89s are often accused of being weak-the term "massively overbuilt for the 9mm cartridge" applies in spades to these guns).

The P93 was discontinued several years ago, primarily due to slow sales-certainly not due to any inherent weaknesses or problems with the guns. Ruger still supports the guns, and has a little-publicized service where any owner of a Ruger firearm can send it to Ruger, where for little to no money they'll throrougly go through the gun for you-you do not have to be the original owner to take advantage of this.

Other than aftermarket sights and grips, there are relatively few after-market add-ons available, if that's a consideration. The DA triggerpull is relatively long, but smooth; you'll probably find the SA triggerpull to be slightly spongy, but quite acceptable. The stock sights are actually quite good on these guns.

The P93 is an excellent 9mm firearm-I'd have no hesitation is purchasing one and using it for self-defense or IDPA. You might want to try negotiating a bit on the price, but assuming that the condition is at least 90-95%, the asking price isn't inordinately out of line-you might want to see if you can get it for $250-$275, which is more in line with the Blue Book suggestion for a 90-95% P93D, but you're hardly getting ripped off if your friend is firm at $300.

Best, Jon

William B.
08-18-09, 18:51
Thanks for all the input guys. If I buy it I'll let you know.