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08-18-09, 18:06
I bought the 6 for $100 of Nighthawk mags after the purchase of my Nighthawk. Its a deal they give you after the purchase of a Nighthawk. They used to come with it. They will barely go in my TRP, and barely come out. They get stuck if I can get them in.

They work OK in my Talon, but after the mag is empty and the slide locks back, its a hefty click to pull the slide reward after slamming in another mag. But they work good nuff in my Talon. It just kinda sucks I have to worry which mag is in my TRP.

The new Wilson combat mags work in both perfect. Even my old Wilsons work perfect. Any idea why their mags do not work well in my TRP?

08-18-09, 18:22
Probably because the ACT/Novak magazines that Nighthawk provided you are "tuned" for the magwell dimensions inherent to the Nighthawk (and similar) receiver's dimensions. Between manufacturers, thare can be, and often are relativly minor dimensional variations that can cause what you've run into.

The Nighthawk specified method of getting your slide from slidelock into battery is to use the slide release, as opposed to the technique that you're using (the "tug-and-release" method-not that your technique is inherently bad, but the Nighthawk method works better with Nighthawks {and is a bit faster, tactically})

Regarding Nighthawk magazines, they also have their own new stainless steel 8 round magazine, which is a bit more expensive, but a much better magazine in my opinion.

If you're at all dissatisfied with how your magazines work in your Nighthawk, their customer service is superb-I'm sure that they'll exchange them out for you as needed-just give them a call.

Best, Jon

08-18-09, 22:47
FYI, lots of issues with these mags (made for several brands by Act Mag) cracking at the back of the feed lips.

NH will replace them, but IMO, you're better off spending your $$$ with another brand (Wilson, McCormick, etc.).

I prefer the McCormicks due to issues I've had with other mags.

08-19-09, 01:34
Yes, the customer service is supposed to be great. I had the option of 4 of the new / better ones or these, I went for 6 as opposed to 4. Think I might go for the 4 new version.

08-19-09, 06:00
Yes, the customer service is supposed to be great.

You know, I used to believe that but I'm not so sure anymore. I own three Nighthawk Custom pistols. The last one came with a defective zipper on the carrying case. It appeared to have been cut crosswise by a pair of scissors after the pistol was placed inside. My guess is the distributor did it because I was there when my FFL opened it and he didn't do it.

I emailed NHC and they wanted me to UPS the case back to them before they would send me a new one. It do so, at a cost of $14.00+. They received it but they didn't ship me a new one until I reminded them a week or so later. Instead of shipping it to my department as requested, they sent it to the local UPS Store (another $4.00). So I'm out almost $20.00 for a mistake that wasn't mine on a $2700.00 purchase.

It's kinda like spending $20.00 at a fast food joint and they ask for another $0.07 when you ask for more condiments.:confused:

NHC builds good pistols, but they aren't the only game in town. I'll shop elsewhere next time.

08-19-09, 14:03
I picked up 6 nighthawk mags used from a member here, I've run 250 rounds of FMJ through them so far with no problems. Pistol is a Springfield loaded model I picked up used, no problems dropping free from the pistol either.