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08-19-09, 21:56
My stepfather has a mint condition unfired Beretta Centurion in 9mm with 6 magazines that he has offered to sell me at a "really good price" since I'm family. It supposedly has all the original accessories including the box. I've considered buying a model 92 for some time, and was wondering what the board thought about the Centurion. I've not heard of it before, and my Google-fu has come up with only limited results. What are these guns worth in unfired condition, and what's the consensus on them?

08-19-09, 22:58
I recently picked up a "D" variant and it handles nice.

08-20-09, 04:01
Basically a compact slide on a full size frame. Not a bad thing to say about them either. They are great for those happy with the Beretta. Preferred the Centurian over the full size myself, but actually carried personal Sigs on duty instead of any of the Berettas. Not to say I didn't shoot the snot out of the Berettas, I did. As a Primary Firearms Instructor I maintained a high level of proficiency with the Berettas for demo/instruction purposes since most all the other Agents carried them as their primary handguns...concealed no less. Extremely reliable and perhaps just a bit easier to conceal than the full size Beretta. About the same difference as the Colt Combat Commander vs. the Government Model.

Issued first Beretta was a 92F in '87, a few years later the 92F Centurian for several years and later still a 96G Centurian for the last several years until retirement. Did a LE buy-back of my 92F Centurian when we switched to the .40 and was presented with my issued 96G upon retirement. Shortly thereafter, did a buy-back of my wife's issued 96G when they switched again, to Glocks. Was presented a 92D Centurian by my state SWAT association for service there upon retirement as well. Four of my five Berettas are Centurians, they are extremely good guns for those who prefer the Beretta...

As far as price? I honestly haven't kept track because 1. I generally prefer other brands, though BTW, feel perfectly comfortable with Berettas. 2. I got two insanely cheap as LE buy-backs ($200+) and the two presentation pieces were, of course, free. I don't have $500 total in those four Berettas. 3. Occasionally some of the bigger dealers, in the past, have sold them dirt cheap ($379 or so ?) at a couple gun shows here in Florida whereas regular shops are asking $100+ more for theirs. Check in your local area for a real price or look on one of the on-line auctions for a generally inflated price :rolleyes:.

Best of luck with whatever you decide...

08-20-09, 04:49
Unfired with 6 magazines I'd put around $500. The Centurion is just slightly shorter than the full-size. The barrel is just slightly shorter than that of the full-size 92fs, with much of the difference made up by reducing the amount the barrel protrudes from the front of the slide. The slide itself is a tiny bit shorter, too.

08-20-09, 13:26
The Centurion has a shorter barrel (4.3" as opposed to the normal 4.9") and appropriately shorter slide. It is otherwise identical in function, accuracy, durability, reliability, etc. as a full-size gun. In 9mm, they are good little (though "little" is generous) guns. In .40, just like the full-size 96-series, I wouldn't choose one due to reliability and durability.

Finding holsters for the Centurions can be a bit tricky, but it was a common enough gun in LE (especially in Canada) for years that most of the major players still make gear for it.

They use the same magazines as the full-size guns and most of the internal parts are identical. Off the top of my head, the recoil guide rod & spring are the only things I can think of which are different.

08-21-09, 21:29
The 92FS Centurion was my first handgun that I purchased. I really like shooting it. It balances very well. I was issued a 92 F, a 96D and then a 96D Brigadier as my career progressed. The only Beretta that I M.F. was the 96D with NP3 finish. It was a 3 shooter then I got extremely good at immediate action drills. The Centurion and several of the Elite series pistols seem pretty neat if you like Berettas.
You are lucky, my Uncle had an Elite with all the accessories that I liked. He traded it for a .44 Mag to hunt deer and lost a ton on it to a sheister shop owner. I was out of town and would have gladly bought it.

Now I have the "awesome" Glock 37. Oh well, it was free.

R Moran
08-22-09, 10:35
Thanks for answering a question I had. Now I have to find out where I can get a Centurion recoil spring.

I was issued a 92 Centurion when I first got out of the Army. Shot it well, despite my small hands. Can't recall any issues with it.
I believe LAV says its the best of the 92's.

I bought one back in Albuquerque, about 2 years ago. Was used, but in I'd say excellent condition. I payed $450 plus tax. ABQ, always seemed to have high gun prices, including this guy, but his used gun deals were pretty fair, and most of the guns I bought from him were on the used racks.


01-12-10, 00:36
After a long wait collecting funds...here is my new Centurion!

She's LNIB condition with fewer than 5 mags run though her. In fact, when I test fired it, I had to remove the second magazine from the wrapper!

It's a Beretta Mod 92FS Centurion as marked on the slide. Included were all original documents, a factory lock, both original mags plus 2 MegGar M9 17rd mags, the Hogue grips (which I installed instead of the originals) and original box.

Anyone know how I can look up the serial number to find out when she was manufactured?

Sorry for the crappy Blackberry pic...its all I have right now.


01-12-10, 02:31
Nice! One of my all time favorites that's still on the "list"!