View Full Version : Lubrication Impedes Cycling?

08-20-09, 12:28
Not sure how this can be. I picked up a vintage Astra Cub for wifey last year. She is dainty and has a hard time with autos. She had no problem cycling this auto. I've lubricated slide and bearing surfaces with rem oil, she had no problem cycling. After the last shoot, I put a drop of oil on the trigger action and she can no longer cycle it. I don't have a problem but I do recognize there is a little more tension. Trigger movement is not impeded in any way. I'm lost of any ideas how a little oil can effect an auto this way. Has anyone ever run into something like this and how to fix?

08-21-09, 09:57
I stripped, cleaned out all the crud I missed prior from years back and re-lubed the cub and it does seem to cycle easier now. Wifey can cycle it now..

She's got her eyes on a micro desert eagle, she can cycle that auto without any trouble.