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08-24-09, 19:09
Has anyone here has had good results with the higher 40 or 50 watt soldering irons, or if they are just a complete no-no?

I have a Dan Burwell M&P45 backstrap which Dan did his stippling job on. It's the texture with the bunch of little tiny round dots/holes, and it almost looks like a bunch of symmetric rows of dots over the entire backstrap. I would describe it as almost looking like a ball point pen sized soldering tip was used for the job. That's exactly the size of these perfectly round dots/holes.
Dan did a great job on it. However, it's almost TOO perfect, and I'd rather have it more of a random texture, made up of irregular shaped dots (ie not perfectly round dots), kind of like some of the other textures I've seen posted online here.
My question pertains to what type of TIP is used for doing the irregular shaped holes? Is the same "ink-pen-like" , round, ball point tip still used, or is another type of tip needed?

Or, maybe the same tip is used, but it's all in the wrist? :eek:

Thanks guys.

Thomas M-4
08-24-09, 21:26
I textured an M&P with a soldering Iron with a flat tip. I couldn't tell you the wattage as I found the soldering iron in bunch of junk that was going to be thrown away.
I practiced on the small back strap first as that was the one I knew I wouldn't miss if I f@cked up. I took my time and its surprising easy as long as you don't get in a hurry. I textured the full grip and a thumb rest on the frame.

The style I did was called shark skinning if I remember right it was very grippy after the treatment.