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08-25-09, 11:20
I wanted to thank the guys who use/comment on the S&W M&P. I have a SW9VE that I have been shotting for about a year. After polishing and a small trigger job, I could keep a decent group with medium quality ammo. But the trigger always felt spongy, the trigger had too long of a travel and the recoil felt like a brick.

But after all the feedback on the M&P 9mm, Glock and Sig's, I went to my local store on Monday, felt the ergo's and did some dry firing on them ... only to walk out with the M&P.

Today, I went to the range and put 100 rounds of Win USA 115 gr and 100 rounds of Monarch. What a total difference. The felt recoil is better, the sights are easier to get back on target and the trigger is night and day. It is crisp to fire and fits perfectly in my hand.

I will now take the wife back to the range with the M&P and some decent ammo and get her confidence to hit what she is aiming at.

Thanks again,


08-25-09, 11:29
Happy to be of assistance!

...but frankly seeing what you were shooting, just about anything you picked up would have felt like a big upgrade. :D

08-25-09, 22:18
ouch, go easy man. Yep, I made sucha transition years ago and the lights come on-real bright! Good for you and enjoy your new gun!