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08-25-09, 13:16
I just had to have it and a buddy of mine wanted me to have 1st dibs. I'll change the grips and he may have just put me back on the 1911 carry bandwagon again.....for a little while anyways :)

I just love this set up. It has everything my Lightweight Commander didnt with the correct beavertail and chopped officer frame. If it prints like a fullsize, I am carrying full size!!

It has everything my Kimber Compact pre series II doesnt with the standard Commander recoil spring and length. BUT my KImber COmpact has been 100% so I cant complain 1 bit.

It does still have the series 80 firing pin set up and the back sight looks more ugly than it is NON functional but at a trade + a little cash I couldnt resist.

Going to run a few rounds through her tomorrow if I am lucky!!




Army Chief
08-25-09, 14:00
Anyone who gives in to the temptation of a Hartford original -- be it in long or short form -- is certainly not going to be judged by me. :)


08-25-09, 14:09
I wont learn something new everyday if I dont ask everyday!! Hartford who??;) :D

08-25-09, 14:11
Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Site of manufacture :D

08-25-09, 16:10
CCO sized pistols are ideal, if they run well. that length slide is the shortest that i'm comfy with.

i've had my eyes on a les baer stinger for awhile. and a buddy picked up a CT Brian in the CCO config

Greg Bell
08-25-09, 16:30
I am jealous. That is a neat gun. All that gun needs is some grips (tru-ivory, cough, cough) and either a gold bead or tritium front. Send me a PM if you decide it isn't for you!

Army Chief
08-26-09, 01:29
Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Site of manufacture :D

You got it. Samuel Colt formally opened his factory there in 1855, and it's been the home of Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company ever since. Even today, it is impossible to drive through Hartford on the highway and not see the blue onion-shaped dome sitting atop the old factory, itself capped off by a rampant Colt in bronze.

It's sort of like saying "a Shelby original" for the edged-weapon guys who have been fortunate enough to discover who B. Goode is, and what he's up to. :)


08-26-09, 05:17
I just had to have it ........

I know the feeling,


Actually it belongs to the wife. But we both couldn't pass it up when we saw her in the display case.

Forgive the idiot scratch on it. I was young and stupid back then.

08-26-09, 09:22
man I cant get a good picture of this thing!! Wife left battery out of good camera.

I shot 85 rounds this morning just like a good .45 should!!! No problems what so ever. Last owner says he had 200 perfect rounds through it while he had it.


The rear sight is uglier than it needs to be but the sight picture is damn near the same as my 10-8 rear sight set up on my Baer :)

08-26-09, 18:21
There aren't many replacement rear sights out there for that cut but I found mine to be serviceable. I miss mine, I just don't miss feeding it..

08-26-09, 18:38
finally!! BETTER PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!

I am excited about this gun. I cant believe they dont make this set up any longer.




09-02-09, 21:43
That was my very first gun. I was a complete F-ing idiot and sold it. To this day I can't believe I did it.

09-02-09, 22:05
The CCO-format gun is likely my ideal CCW gun. Hopefully I'll have a Fusion-made one as a graduation present to myself. :D


09-02-09, 23:56
Actually Colt is no longer under the dome they were forced to sell those facilities years ago.

USFA is now under the Colt dome : (

although they make fine Colt clones , they are not Colt.