View Full Version : WTK: Source for Phantom Ghost IWB for G19 w/ X300

08-25-09, 23:13
Does anyone know of a stocking dealer for a Raven Phantom (tan)
IWB for a G19 w/ a SF X300? Can always order but hoping to find
one in stock to cut down the wait time. Thx. in advance for a reply,

08-26-09, 21:22
I don't think RCS has stocking dealers. I'm pretty sure (but not certain) you can only order from them, unless you find a used one.

Jay Cunningham
08-26-09, 21:23

08-27-09, 21:21
I don't think they have any stocking dealers. Like Katar said, you have to order from the Malabar Front and wait your turn :)

Even if they did have stocking dealers, I doubt you would fine that particular holster combination in stock. Many of the smaller good holster places can't make enough holsters to keep stock, hence the wait. My last Raven took about 30 days to ship which isn't bad for a custom holster.

08-27-09, 21:37
Thx. fellas, have an email in Jay's box for an ETA on a Phantom for the 19 w/ X300 in tan.
Appreciate the feedback, bought my 1911 Phnatom from the Malabar store front, just didn't
know if their delivery options were any different now.

08-28-09, 08:56
I spoke with Jay Monday. Regardless of what you want it's 4-6 weeks. He told me the days are gone where certain popular models are setting in Inventory ready for shipment. So if you want something a tad different. Might as well order it because the wait times is the same for a once stock item. Like say a 5" 1911 phantom in black isn't sitting on the shelve waiting to be ordered . You really want Tan but can get Black right away. Those days are gone for now. So might as well order that Tan.

08-28-09, 12:28
Just placed another order w/ Jay for a tan Phantom for the G19/X300, now the wait begins.
Thx. Rick53 for the nudge on dropping the hammer as I needed to stop dicking around & just order it.