View Full Version : Beretta 96 .40 cal magazine question.

08-26-09, 10:53
Howdy all,

FIL has a Beretta 96, I'd like to get him one of those Mec-Gar 15 rounders they make, but want to make sure first that the follower in there is a full length follower (Has 4 legs) as opposed to the extra capacity magazines they make for Sigs that have a shorter follower.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for larger capacity mags than the standard 11 for the 96, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

PS, is it correct that I buy him a 9mm slide assembly and he can mate it to his pistol lower and shoot 9mm?

08-26-09, 10:56
Don't waste your time and money on the extended capacity Mec-Gars. The best functioning mags are the original Beretta.

Yes, a 9mm 92 Series slide will function on the 96.

Avoid continuous shooting of 155gr duty loads.

08-27-09, 22:43
I've used the extra capacity mags from Mec Gar in both the S&W 5906 and the Beretta 92 series, never had an issue.

"Avoid continuous shooting of 155gr duty loads."

In my experience and feedback, one should avoid any firing of a Beretta 96.

08-28-09, 08:11
I am completely pleased with the following magazines in my Beretta 92D, in order of preference:

1. Check-Mate dry-film finish magazines;

2. Beretta/MDS (a Beretta subsidiary) magazines.

See www.checkmatemagazines.com for their selection; Beretta usa also has a good website, and their e-store site often has magazines on sale at excellent prices-see www.berettausa.com.

Best, Jon

08-28-09, 09:55
I've had many FTFs with the Mec-Gar 13rd and the 15rd extended magazines reliably feeding in a CX4 with the 96 insert. Not sure if its a spring or follower issue. The standard Beretta 96 11 rounders work fine.