View Full Version : Help me choose a IWB for my full size M&P 40

09-06-09, 14:51
first let me give some detail about myself and situation

i'm looking for an everyday IWB holster for my fullsize M&P 40

i'm a pretty slim guy, 5'11" 150 lbs w/ a 31" waist.

after doing alot of reading alot on here narrowed it down to a few and i'm up to any more opinions

Comp-Tac - MTAC

Milt Sparks - Versa Max 2

Crossbreed Supertuck

Alpha Sierra
09-06-09, 16:40
Stay away from Crossbreed. They are subpar.

MTAC is good. VM2 is better.

Other excellent options based on personal experience:

Kirkpatrick Gunleather Hidden Defense (may have to add another hole for repositioning the front loop farther down if you like me think the cant is excessive)

FIST #20

Tucker Gunleather The Secret, Texas Heritage, and The Answer

09-07-09, 12:08
I love my VMII. It is my favorite holster that I own. I also have a crossbreed it is not bad, not awesome but it works just fine. If you get one and it is one of the older ones with the plastic clips, be sure and buy the metal replacements, because those plastic ones wont hold up worth a darn.

09-07-09, 12:19
Another suggestion - I have been wearing my M&P9 FS in a McDaniel II from Andrews Custom Leather for over a year and a half and find it very comfortable, plus it is extremely well made.