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09-12-09, 10:10
I've decided that I want to dedicate myself to a Sig pistol chambered in 40 S&W for a little while and see how it works out. I'm having an extremely hard time deciding between a 226R or 229R.

The gun will be carried on duty in a Safariland 6280 or 6360 with a Surefire X300 attached. It will be carried off duty IWB most of the time.

Part of me is leaning towards the 229R due to the smaller size aiding in concealability (I want this to be my 24/7 gun). The other part of my is leaning towards the 226R for recoil management and due to the fact my old 9mm 226 is my favorite handgun.

Which one do you find more "shootable?" Which would you pick and why?

Please do not recommend other handguns. I'm sticking to one of these two.

09-12-09, 11:42
Unless you have gianormous hands, Get the P229. The P226 isn't giving you enough more rounds per magazine to justify its gargantuan size. Good luck with that IWB thing, even with the P229; I don't see that working for you with a mounted pistol light unless you either drop two or three waist sizes or buy a bunch of really baggy pants.

09-12-09, 11:46
Recoil management is virtually moot. Both slides are very similar in weight. Believe me or not, I actually find the shorter-slide P229 to handle recoil better.

I find concealability mox nix as well. There's only about 1/10th of an inch difference in butt grip length if measured from the front lip of the mag base plate.

They both offer the same capacity, 12 rounds, but if I had to choose I'd stick with the P226, as I find it a little more friendly ergonomically. If you love your P226 9mm, as I do, there is confidence in that familiarity.


09-12-09, 12:14
I decided on the p226 because it fit my hand a little better.

09-12-09, 22:24
Shooting with a weapon light attached will result in much better recoil management and reduced muzzle flip...get the 229

09-13-09, 22:44
The 229 slide seems to cycle faster and allows faster follow ups. Also the 226 IWB is not comfortable at all. Both guns are the same size, I would recommend installing a short trigger (the skinny version) or purchasing one with it already installed.

I am currently carrying the 228R (pretty much the same as the 229, just in 9mm only and a little lighter). Its much more comfortable to carry IWB. Recoil management with either is pretty easy, but as someone else also mentioned IWB with a light is going to be hard, so for off duty it might be a good idea to leave the light off.

Regards and good luck.

09-14-09, 03:31
I guess I need to clarify.

I plan to carry the gun with light attached ON DUTY. I DO NOT plan to carry with the light attached off duty.

09-14-09, 08:29
Remember, that the P229 is built from the ground up to be a .40 S&W whereas we all know that the P226 was a 9mm at first. I own multiple P226s and P229s and favor the P229 in overall handling characteristics. Not to mention, the slight size advantage goes to the P229. I think you'll be good to go with either one and since you mentioned the P226 9 then perhaps that may better suit you.

You are getting a lot of good info over at Sigforum, as well.

09-14-09, 10:23
The only rational solution to this problem is to buy one of each!

Seriously, though, shoot both and compare them objectively.

09-14-09, 10:26
They both offer the same capacity, 12 rounds...

There's the new 13 round Mec-Gar .40 S&W AFC[/url] (anti-friction coating) - you can find them for $24.change. Mec-Gar (SIG OEM magazine manufacturer) so they are 100 percent reliable. Virtually flush fitting, with a base plate that extends a smidgen and a non-issue imo.

09-14-09, 17:09
I'd probably opt for the P229R if it fits your hand well. The P226R is actually slightly slimmer in the grip. I have small hands, but always found shooting a P229R with a short trigger easy enough. In repeated timed tests, I could shoot the P229R slightly faster than the P226R in 357 SIG and I would strongly assume that the same would be true in .40 (in 9mm it didn't make much difference).

Having said that, in my experience the P226 has an edge in reliability. By that I mean that out of every 100 guns, you'll have more problems among the P229s than the P226s. If your single instance of the gun runs well out of the box, though, it should continue to run well regardless of which size it is.

FWIW, the P226 in 40/357 is as "from the ground up" a .40 as the P229. Both use completely different types of slides, recoil springs, etc., compared to their 9mm predecessors (the P228 for the P229, and the old-style two piece slide for the P226).

09-14-09, 19:31
"Mec-Gar (SIG OEM magazine manufacturer)"

When did that happen? All of my recent magazines are all stamped "made in Italy". Based on the welds and comparison to 92 and 96 mags I think Beretta made them.

09-14-09, 19:47
Mec-Gar is an Italian company and has been making Sig's mags for the past nine or ten years. They also make Mags for Browning and a few other companies.

09-14-09, 20:13
See, that is why I love this site; you learn something new every day. Thank you, Kaltblitz!