View Full Version : Ro-guard?

09-12-09, 13:36
I'm just wondering what people think of Ro-bar's Ro-Guard finish. I have three pistols NP3'd (P2000, P7M8 & P228) and I love the finish. I'm just wondering what people think of Ro-guard. I might send off a P6 to have it two-toned.


09-13-09, 17:13
I like the satin roguard or the matte roguard. My wife's G26 has the NP3 treatment as well as a 2 1/2 in. Mod 19-2 that I've had for about 40 years.
I'm about to send off two 2nd gen.G19's for the satin roguard on the slide and the NP3 on the barrels and internals. These are carry guns and I want to keep them basically black. The NP3 is more wear proof but the roguard holds up well and looks good too.

09-13-09, 17:43
Well I don't know about on handguns but on my VangComp 870 it is rogard on the outside and np3 on the internals. I carry it every day on patrol in and out of the case into the vert. rack locked in for 10 hours, back in the bag and then back home. I really like it and being in southeast Texas with the humidity not more rust!! Also very easy to clean when I shoot it it mainly just takes a soft rag to wipe off the dirt/debris/fouling. This makes it very easy, and quick to clean and maintain.

I love it but that just .02 you know