View Full Version : Glock 19 frame rail wear

09-13-09, 20:27
I have a new G19 with approximately 500 rounds through it so far. The metal plating on the front two frame rails is flaking and chipping off exposing the metal underneath. It is not the factory copper lube and is indeed a flaking finish, as it feels rough to the touch as the rear rails are smooth. Pistol runs fine. Has this happened to anybody else and is it cause for concern? I'll be contacting Glock tomorrow, I just wanted some input from other users. Thanks.

09-14-09, 02:43
i believe this was discussed on glocktalk pretty extensively. consensus i drew is that it's "normal"
my G26 is doing it on the front rails. my G19 is not on any rails (despite a much higher round count.. weird right?)

the plating there is really just for corrosion resistance. being that that is an oiled wear surface, i don't think you'll see much rust there.

09-14-09, 09:33
Just got off the phone with Glock. Was told this is normal and will not effect function.