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09-19-09, 13:21
Hi all!
i just got a P22, and have a question regarding suppression.
I already own a YHM SS Phantom, and i'm wondering what your thoughts are on using THIS (http://www.tacticalinc.com/walther-thread-adapterbr-with-thread-protector-p-74.html) to attach another QD FH on the P22, so i can suppress it. I'm not worried about the weight, or anything else, just want to know if anybody has done this before and what your thoughts are. good or bad. i dont want to ruin my can, as it runs flawless on my AR. i just dont have the funds right now to buy another suppressor.
I haven't actually shot the P22 yet (going on monday) so i don't yet have info on the type of rounds i'll be using. probably something middle of the road.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts/knowledge.

09-21-09, 22:22
I have a P22 and use that same adapter with a Spectre. When the can is mounted I get frequent light primer strikes, a second trigger pull in DA will ignite the round. This is a fairly common problem with heaver cans and the Spectre. I ended up buying a MKIII with a Pac-Lite barrel and it's head and shoulders above the Walther.

09-22-09, 20:26
Get a CZ Kadet, and have it threaded by tornado technologies. It shoots just about everything I load into it.

09-23-09, 15:50
YHM mite is a good can for P22

09-23-09, 21:59
Sounds like this can work. Only warning is using the Aquila SSS which might not stabalize and if that is the case, it could ding baffles or worse.

As for the P22, I got an AAC Pilot on mine - no problems.