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09-20-09, 16:28
Ok Sig people I am taking the plunge but can't decide which one. It Must be in .40 so please do not suggest another caliber. This will be a sometimes ccw during the winter months and a safe queen alongside my Springfield 1911. Describe some of the things you like about your Sig or things you don't like. Also how is their customer service if you have ever dealt with them.

Here Are the Candidates




Thanks for all the help!

09-20-09, 16:37
Have you considered HK?

09-20-09, 16:52

From everything I have heard it was built to shoot .40, it has a beefier frame than the 226, which was designed to shoot 9mm.

i dont think the 2022 is in the same class as either of the two choices.

LA Sig
09-20-09, 17:28
I really like my issued 229 DAK. Shoots consistent and smooth. Accuracy is better than me. We have an instructor on staff that hit 9 out of 10 shoots from the 100 yard line with 1. I would not have thought it was possible but I saw it with my own eyes.

I like the contrasting night sights the best (2 yellow rear/1 green front). It really helps me at night.

09-20-09, 18:01
Dude, you can't go wrong with either choice.

The SP2022 is as durable as a diesel. That thing'll run and run...

Truly, this choice comes down to personal fit.


09-20-09, 18:23
I have a P226 in 9mm and while I like it, that transition from DA to SA gets me, I think because my other guns are SAO. I don't know if the SRT would help or not, but there seems to be as much trigger travel in the first two shots with my SIG as with the whole magazine with my 1911;)

I find the P226 to be a little big for CC, not impossible, mainly just a bit heavy and butty.

I'd be really interested to try a P229 DAK.

I know you didn't ask, but I really like my Sig X-Five Tactical. But that is going the other way on size. Since you are thinking of it for Cold weather CCW, maybe it would work, but it is heavy and holsters are rare. At the range it is exquisite. Buddy has a hard time controlling his Glock 40SW and he can shoot groups a 1/4 th size with the Sig. It is very forgiving.

09-20-09, 19:12
The 229 is by far my favorite. It is my first choice as my EDC.

09-20-09, 20:07
P229, in either DAK or DA/SA, or Sigpro SP2022-whichever you index/shoot best with would be my recommendation.

Interestingly, despite the quite credible discussion here and on other forums about some spottiness/decline in recent (2005/2006 and later) SIG-Sauer quality, I have not heard or seen any complaints of such declines in the SP2022s to date...

Best, Jon

09-20-09, 20:16
havent had to deal with any customer service related issues as my 226r dak 9mm is an issued duty weapon, but i have been shooting all types of guns for many, many years now, and i must say that the 226r dak is one of the finest service pistols ever. the double action trigger has a very consistent, light and smooth pull. if you have not shot one, i would suggest trying it out before your purchase, if its possible. i was a bit skeptical at first but after taking second place in a department shooting competition, it won me over. i absolutely love it. it is a very superior weapon. i also have a 229r dak in .40 in my safe. have only dry fired it, but have shot other .40 cal pistols. sig make a great gun. i think you would be happy with one.

09-20-09, 20:16

Get a used one though. The best ones are those without the rail and are a couple of years old.

It should be free of the issues that SIG has been having as of late.

09-20-09, 20:52
I have a SIG P229 DAO .40 that I bought back in 1999. I love it. I have an issued P229DAK in .40 that is the biggest POS I have ever held. It makes Ruger autos look professional grade. Look at HKs.

09-20-09, 21:52
I like the 2022 and the 229 a little better than the 226. I have been worried about wear issues with the 2022 but it is lighter than the 229. I think what I will do is go to the rental range and put a few downrange and decide which Shoots better. Guys I really appreciate all the help. I have not really heard about the issues with the Sigs of late could one of you enlighten me.

09-20-09, 22:03
I like the 2022 and the 229 a little better than the 226. I have been worried about wear issues with the 2022 but it is lighter than the 229. I think what I will do is go to the rental range and put a few downrange and decide which Shoots better. Guys I really appreciate all the help. I have not really heard about the issues with the Sigs of late could one of you enlighten me.

I think about 2004 sig went under new management and cost cutting seems to be more important than quality weapons.The only newer sigs I own are the 2022, which I think is one of the best values out there. Night sites, two hi cap mags for under $500. The 2022 also has a very smooth trigger. I also own a misquito that is made for sig by someone else and is a real POS at times.
My 220, 226, 228, 229 were all made in the late 80's to early 90's and are firearm quality at it's best.
That being said the 2022 would get my vote for new sig's
Good luck and happy shooting

09-20-09, 22:27
I would strongly suggest getting a P229. The P229 has the same identical aircraft grade anodized aluminum frame as the P228, a 9x19 pistol. The 228 frame is a shortened version of the 226, with a shorter grip. The only thing beefier on the 229 pistol is the heavy slide, to handle the 40S&W and the 357sig. As a result, the 229 feels top heavy, but when loaded up with a full magazine, it sort of evens out. It is 0.1" thicker than the 2022.

The 226 is a pretty good choice too, but it has a longer grip and slide, making it somewhat more difficult to conceal. The 229 seems to disappear for me.

That said, it was kind of difficult to transition from a 1911 to a SiG because of my thumbs high grip. The pistol would function correctly, but I habitually depress the slide stop, so it will frequently not lock back on an empty mag.

09-20-09, 22:45
The 229 has been my EDC for about ten years now. I have other options, but the 229 is always head of the class, you will not regret it. A Mitch Rosen 5JR really pulls it in tight and it disappears.


09-20-09, 22:49
Given your parameters, another nod to the 229. I happen to life their DAK option, ymmv.

09-21-09, 20:29
226 and don't look back. One of my all time favorite guns.

09-22-09, 14:03
Get the 2022. I love mine. Not one issue with close to 1k rounds through it. I also think its better for carrying then the larger 229 and 226. Got mine for $420 shipped from buds about a year ago.

09-22-09, 16:42
Sig 229 small enough to carry big enough to shoot on a regular basis

09-22-09, 17:55
I'm a SIG LE Armorer, and have a lot of experience with sigs personally and working on them.

If you're looking for a carry gun, take a look at the Sig P229 Generation 2 SAS. It's got no rail, an SRT trigger, and night sights. Excellent weapon that will hold either the 13 round standard mag or the 18 round standard mag (or 15's/20's for the 226, but not flush) for 9mm, .40 is 12 and something.

If you want a rail, then get the standard 229/226 with rail and NS.

I have 226 (no rail) 229 Gen2SAS, 229R, and 2 228's. I prefer the 228's the most, but I also work on my own guns and like the balance of the older 228's, but they won't work for you as they're 9mm only.

If you have small hands, you might like the Short Trigger. The Short RESET Trigger reduces the reset considerable and is also my preference and a lot of people like and use them.

I'm not a fan of 2022's, and prefer the P-series. For polymer I still like Glocks/HK's better.

DAK: Lots of people love them. I think they're too complicated in terms of trigger training.

The upsides: Easy to work on (get Chris Orndorf's CD if you want to do your own work). Generally great triggers, excellent egronomics, fun to shoot. Lot's of ways to mod them for your needs (Hogues G10 grips are great).

Downsides: Can be a pain for lefties. Current generation of MIM sears have shown some early wear, but not often. Hammers, triggers, other MIM parts seem fine. New guns have these gawdawful gnurled pins in the slide that can literally be unpossible to get out. Met an armorer recently for a Fed Agency who was sending tons of guns back because he could get the stupid pins out. Some agencies have even set up presses for this (big agencies with money).

The newer 229's and 226's are designed specifically using milled steel for the .40 caliber round. They are pretty soft shooting IMHO, for that round because of the slide weight.

Customer service: They've had some issues reported, but I've had great service, and I deal with them all the time.

QC: While I would say reliability is still roughly the same, new Sigs are about 97% of old sigs. I recently bought the 229SAS Gen2 in 9mm. Great gun. SRT is great, machining and ergos are great. DA trigger was strangely light, but VERY gritty. Odd for a thousand dollar gun. Others have reported similar things.

Best place to order parts is TopGunSupply.com. Those guys are awesome. They also have Orndorf's Armorer's CD.

09-22-09, 19:59
Good price here on the 2022