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12-08-09, 19:14
I am hoping some of you kind folks could lend me some assistance. I have recently bought a supply of Hornady 75-grain BTHP bullets and I would like to know which of your favorite loads deliver really good accuracy. My shooting will likely be 300 yards and less.

My rifle is a Colt HBAR 20-inch 1/7 upper on Stag lower w/RRA 2-stage trigger.

Thank you!

12-08-09, 19:56
is there a specific powder?

12-08-09, 20:27
Just whatever powder & load that is accurate. Thank you!

12-08-09, 21:24
23.5-24.5 Varget or Reloader 15.

12-08-09, 21:25
I use 23.0 grains of Varget with that bullet, seems accurate enough for me.

12-09-09, 08:43
Yup! Varget is your friend. I was using 25 grs. but the powder was getting compressed when seating to mag length. I go with 24 grs. of Varget now and CCI 400 primers in L.C. or Winchester brass.

An interesting thing: I tested a 1/9 twist Colt MT6700 20 inch rifle and at 100 yards, it showed a preference for the 75 grain Hornady bullet over 69 gr. Sierras and others. I only did five rounds, but the group size was 1.4 inches, so for a rifle with a heavy trigger break, it bears further testing...when the weather warms up.

12-09-09, 14:24
23.5 gr. Varget or 24 gr. RE-15 get excellent results out of both my 16" Noveske barrel to 250 yrds and my NM Armalite.

I have used H-335 also with good results, but groups not quite as tight.

12-09-09, 16:28
23.5-24.5 Varget or Reloader 15.

This is pretty much it right here. You could throw in N140 if you really wanted to. I like Remington 7 1/2 primers as they tend to be a little tougher than WSRs when shooting warmer loads.

12-09-09, 16:41
The data I have gathered from you good people and on some other firearms boards leads me to believe VARGET is the favorite powder for these bullets, in 23.0 to 24.5 grain charges at 2.25" COAL. I will likely start with this info.

Thank you all very much for your help!

Chris Rhines
12-10-09, 18:42
Two very accurate loads I've used:
24.5 grains Reloader 15, and 24.0 grains Ramshot TAC (Warning! This one is over the book max!) with Lake City brass and Wolf SR primers. With either powder, start around 23 grains and work up until you get the accuracy you want.

In my 17" MSTN, either of these loads will put ten rounds into 4" at 400 yards, day in and day out.


12-10-09, 20:09
I too use 24 grains of Varget.

12-10-09, 21:50
24 grains Vihta Vuori N150; L/C Brass; Fed 205M primers.

12-11-09, 21:14
not to highjack the thread, but the OP is loading what Im looking to load. Ive been loading XM193 "spec" ammo(ie as close to as possible).

I have a bunch of AA2230 powder, 75gr BTHP Hornady Bullets, and the original Hornady brass I shot the 75gr .223 out of in the first place.

What load should I start with and work my way up to with the AA2230 powder for the close to Hornady 75gr BTHP .223 match ammo?

Or is there a book I get get with load data to follow? or link?

12-28-09, 21:12
Rather than starting a new thread, I'll just tack onto this one.

I'm also looking to load up some 75gr rounds. What powders other than Varget would be a good choice and what loads do you use with them?

12-28-09, 21:35
LC case, =/- .5 grains weighed
CCI BR4 primer
24.3 grains Varget
75 grain Hornady match
OAL 2.250"

2775fps from a 20" Eagle Arms 1X7 barrel, .75 MOA at 200 yards and an SD in the single digits.

12-31-09, 12:48
Rather than starting a new thread, I'll just tack onto this one.

I'm also looking to load up some 75gr rounds. What powders other than Varget would be a good choice and what loads do you use with them?

Reloader 15, H4895

01-02-10, 17:02

02-26-10, 10:11
Varget only works if you can find it!

I'm building my loads around Reloder 15 (which cannot be found anywhere, so don't bother looking *cough* ;) *cough* ).

This weekend will be 23.8 grains under the 75 BTHP.

Same load that I've been using with 77 SMK.

New to reloading and I'm confident I'll end up at 24g for both bullets here soon lol.

Wolf SRM
Hornady case
mag length

02-26-10, 10:37
Alternatives to Varget:

Reloader 15 (although a little temperature sensitive -- it'll shoot faster in summer than winter)

IMR 4895 (another stick powder)


Vihtavuori N-135

Vihtavuori N-140

Vihtavuori N-540

02-26-10, 17:40
When I recently got-back-into reloading .223 and saw this thread, I decided to give the 75 Hornady a try. (It works very well, btw.) I found I had 2 kegs of Varget put back from just before the last election and 4k of Fed 205 primers from waaaay back - purchased about 15 years ago. You probably remember who was in office then.

My local reloading shop happened to have Rem 7 1/2 primers for an OK price when I checked this morning. It will be interesting to see if there is a noticeable difference in the load using the new Rem 7 1/5s Vs the older Fed205s. I plan to chronograph and then put some on the long range gongs tomorrow.

I'm loading 23.6 grains (Varget) and find the POI is reasonably close to my .223 Tap at 100 Yds (out of a Noveske 16" N4 Light barrel).