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04-03-10, 04:09
Will the Eotech 557.AR223 shoot as accuretly as an ACOG? How does an ACOG work at distances of 25-50 meters? I love the battery life of the Aimpoint but dont like the small dot or the lower MOA than the larger Eotech. What problems have there been with Eotech? I would prefer one that runs on AA since they are easy to get. Can I use the same Eotech, aimpoint, and acog on an AK47, Colt M4, and Sig 556 SBR 10 inch rifle? Do those sights have to be different models for each rifle? How much more accuret is an ACOG than a Eotech? The ACOG has the appeal that it making prescion shooting at 500 meters simple for a novice...

Iraq Ninja
04-03-10, 05:24
Sounds like you need to search this forum and read up on this subject, since it has been covered at length in the past. You would get your answers faster than waiting for replies.

When someone like yourself has no knowledge and lots of questions, you need to search the subject matter and then formulate your questions...

04-03-10, 12:32
I am suppose after reviewing many threads, I should be looking for an Eotech that could work on an AK, M4, Sig 556, and M1A. I want to concentrate on more CQB with this set up. I like AA's because they are easy to get in SHTF. I really like the 557.AR223 since it has three range dots and the big circle . How many yards will the aiming dots work on the Sig SBR? Would the Dots line up since there are three and it is made for an M4?


Will this kit work with the magnifier work with an SBR sig 556?


Who makes the best quick detach mount that will work with an AK 47, Sig 556 SBR NFA 10inch, and Colt m4? I want a durable mount that is easy to re-zero. Who makes the best co witness back up iron sights for the sig?

04-03-10, 13:11
Why is the 3x the only magnifier on Eotech web site?
Is the 4 x worth twice the cost for my application?
I think I want to go with the 557 with the side flip 3x magnifier


04-03-10, 13:23
Seems pretty obvious choice.

EOTECH for close-range work on targets that won't hold still.

ACOG if you need magnification and bullet-drop feature.

04-04-10, 13:50
Would the 552.A65/1 or 555.A65 be better for an AK47, M4, and Sig SBR? The 552 is cheaper and 11.5 oz compared to the much heavier 555 which is 1 pound 14oz. What makes the weight difference? Why is the 555 more expensive? Am I missing something other than night vision capability?



Iraq Ninja
04-04-10, 15:23
An Eotech on an AK can be done, but I find it a bit clunky. I prefer the micro aimpoint as my default optic that can be used on all my guns. I get hit out to 200-300 with no problems. I like magnification to help ID the targets at range.

Remember that with an Eotech, you have battery life issues. The new aimpoints go for years if left on, and of course ACOGs don't need em.

Barrel length has nothing to do with if an optic will work on a weapon.

Maybe you should go to a gun store or gun show and look at these optics.

What mount are you going to use on your AK?