View Full Version : Would you buy a factory FN SCAR short-barrel assembly?

RAM Engineer
12-20-10, 21:11
If FN were to offer factory short barrel assemblies for the SCAR 16s, would you buy one?

RAM Engineer
12-20-10, 21:38
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12-20-10, 22:12
I'd love to have something like 10" or so. I would also like a 12.5" to use with reflex type cans.

Im not as interested in the 14" barrels due to the one I have already being 16".

12-21-10, 07:06
I would like to be able to use the barrel change option to move back and forth between different barrel lengths. Since there are no currrent options available I would gladly purchase a 16" assembly and have it cut, but these are unavailable as well!

12-21-10, 12:25
Definitely a 10". Depending on price I'd like the 14" too.

12-21-10, 12:41
Money allowing, I would buy 1 of each. I really hope this comes to fruitation one day, as it is one of the strong points of this platform. Maybe not so much being able to switch out different barrel lengths for this or that, but a very simple barrel replacement should you have trouble with the barrel you are running.

On the 16 I see little reason to go with anything other than the 10". Now on the 17, I can see how being able to go from the 13" to the 16" would be nice.

12-21-10, 12:53
A 10" or a 12.5" for me. 12.5" preferably.

RAM Engineer
12-21-10, 14:05
A 10" or a 12.5" for me. 12.5" preferably.

12.5 is not a standard barrel length from FN. I only listed the short barrel assembly lengths that are included as part of the MK16 system. If we get anything, THATS what we'll get, not some trendy "length of the week" bs.

Army Chief
12-21-10, 14:54
A factory 10" offering would be incentive enough for me to invest in the weapon system, though my only lingering concern would be the price of admission. If FN can avoid the temptation to charge some absurd premium on these, they should be very much in-demand.


12-21-10, 17:46
I would buy two 10 inch barrels in a heartbeat if they were available and priced reasonably.

12-31-10, 22:31
I would most definitely buy a 10" and 14" and sell the 16" on the EE. I'm reluctant to cut my 16" down after Grant got my hopes up for a factory SBR barrel in the SCAR group buy thread.