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03-20-11, 22:32
I found a few from researching but i still cant decide. Im looking for a very good 5/8 threaded .308 muzzle break for my savage model 10, i would like to keep it under $100, under $60 would be better. all im trying to do is reduce recoil. If there is something else i could do to reduce recoil a more affective way, please mention it.

03-20-11, 22:58
Found this one. (http://www.brownells.com/1/1/5685-vais-varmint-brake-model-308-cm-vais.html)

03-21-11, 13:26
thanks, yea i saw this one. the reviews are good but is it really true?

03-21-11, 13:36
BRAKE, not break.

And under $60 your options are going to be few. I suggest that if you are bothered by the recoil of a .308, you need to either shoot more, or get a smaller caliber.

03-21-11, 14:16
it doesnt bother me that much, it would just b nice to reduce the recoil is all.

03-21-11, 14:32
The two most effective breaks I've seen are the Badger FTE and the APA Little Bastard. The advantage to the FTE is that you can remove it without concern to timing, but both should be installed by a qualified gunsmith.

03-21-11, 16:07
really? why does a gunsmith have to do that?

03-21-11, 17:27
Both are directional breaks so if your threads aren't timed properly the ports won't be parallel with the ground. The FTE break gets around this by clamping on the barrel, but the barrel needs to be turned down to allow the break to fit. I'm not a fan of breaks, but if I had one it would be the FTE from Marty. I like that you can remove it to clean the crown.

03-21-11, 18:37
great thanks

03-21-11, 20:30
how bout this one?


there seems to b no major difference but if its better than the varmint brake ill get it, if not ill prob get the varmint. it seems to have some pretty good reviews

or maybe i should look into a flash hider/brake combo? i have a brand new flash hider that i havent used yet, might jus sell that.

03-22-11, 14:06
Best recoil I've heard of is the Tank, but it's more money. For your budget, check out the Miculek 30 cal. If you have time to search, there's a member at snipershide who makes brakes for $40 delivered, IIRC. Good FH/MB options will cost more.

03-22-11, 15:57
Battlecomp BABC

03-23-11, 17:55
My only .308 brake experience is the Armalite 2 port on the AR10 C, effective. The other is the AI brake on the AEII, nice. I almost forgot-the Holland Quick Discharge brake is very effective, have that on a light .308 bolt gun for hunting and it feels like a .223. I have a pile of stuff at Bartlein for a build and part of that is a Badger FTE, they are alos making me a thread protecter for it also if I need to take it off for some odd reason. Some advise that if no need to remove, get the Badger Thruster.

Roedale Precision make a nice brake also.

Remember, if shooting prone-don't get bottom facing ports. If hunting, the Vias should be fine--wear ear pro!

If weight and size aren't an issue, the Badger FTE will be nice. One advantage of the installation if done right allows for you to remove it and re-install without torque if the machining was done properly to index it. That way you don't have an over torqing problem that could affect accuracy.

03-23-11, 18:53
Defensive edge 4 port
Center shot rifles Muscle brake
SSG gunsmithing 4 port
APS painkiller

These are the ones im running on all my long range rigs

03-28-11, 10:06
thanks. these all seem to b good choices, im going to go with the holland quick discharge i think, or the miculek compensator.

03-29-11, 23:16
You really have to ask what you are looking for in a brake and how you use it.

If you are shooting from a bench, the VIAS brake has been proven to be very effective at reducing recoil as it dissipates gas a full 360 degrees around the muzzle.

If you are shooting prone and are in the grass/dirt, you would best be served by a side and up venting brake such as a Badger Thruster (my personal favorite on my tactical bolt guns).

I hope that is helpful.

03-30-11, 23:34
I have a Vlotr VC-301 that I am selling if yoy are interested. $45 Shipped. These works pretty good. This one is brand new.:D

04-19-11, 21:32
Try a lighter bullet, like a 155 . Are you prepared for a louder muzzle blast ??

I'd go with the Badger .