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04-04-11, 20:24
Mods, I'm not sure if its allowed or not to post upcoming classes, so if it isn't then just pull the thread and I won't do this again...

Spoke with the owner, Matthew Brockmann, and he says there are a few spots open for the 0-100 Tactical Battle Rifle class on the 16th-17th for anyone in the area who may be interested.

If you would like to join, then I will put you in touch with him.



Shoothouse:: 30th April- mark your calendar and stay tuned...

Tactical Rifle:: 0-100m

16th, 17th April 2011! Mast Solutions is holding a 0-to-100m Tactical Battle Rifle class. This class includes the use of a secondary as well as shooting from 0-100m with designated primary (by you) and secondary. Know when you can hit what, and with!! IRON SIGHTS will be used for evealuation and standards. Optics will be used for the rmainder of class if you choose. Reactive targeting system with 180 degree shoot capability.

-Location: CSM Bell's Ranger Range
-Addy: E-mail for addy with your confirmation of attendance and deposit sent
-Cost: $490.00- Includes class, lodging, meals, and all hydration
-Deposit: Non-refundable deposit of $150.00 is required mailed to the below addy
MAST Solutions
22136 Westheimer PKWY
Suite # 350
Katy, TX 77494

-Ammo requirements: 1000rds Primary and 200rds of secondary
-Limited class of 8 students due to nature of class. E-mail and deposit confirmation only will hold your slot!
Course and logistics: We will be staying at a range house as a group. Hygiene is a must. Included in the cost of the course is all food (three meals a day), beverages while on range including H2O gatorade and some snacks. Cleaning station with tables during evening down time if needed. Accommodations to sleep 10 with room for cots, sleeping bags and sharing rooms.

-Gear (kit) and “Slick”
-Carry methods/Sling selection
-Rifle work from 0-100 meters
-Stance, hinge point, and weapon “weld” for consistency
-Grip, sight picture and trigger control
-Recoil control
-Sight picture using iron sights and or vs. optics
-The Various reloads- Pro’s Con’s
-Possible malfunctions of the rifle and how to remedy
-Strong and support side shooting while both stationary and on the move
-Shooting platforms- The “WHY” included in the platform
-Transition drills
-Barricades with movement

A functional primary and a secondary (handgun) with proper holster. A cleaning kit and tools that are compatible with the weapon system(s) in question is also recommended. Each student should have a minimum of 6 working magazines.

-Clothing suited and class appropriate as well as being seasonally appropriate
-Flip flops for shower
-Rain gear / cold weather gear
-Ear pro
-Eye pro
-Clear lenses for night shoots
-Baseball style hat recommended
-Primary weapon sling
-A rig that can carry a minimum of four (4) primary magazines on your person
-Functioning secondary weapon system, and three working magazines
-A holster and magazine pouch that will retain your equipment when moving
-Primary weapon mounted light
-Secondary weapon mounted or handheld light
-Spare bulbs and batteries
-Scooby Snacks
-Weapons lube
-Knee and Elbow pads (optional)
-Gloves (optional)

04-06-11, 21:03
4 slots left

04-06-11, 22:10
Posting classes is fine...we just put them in the announcements and AAR section.

04-07-11, 12:27
Thanks JW!

04-10-11, 07:38
Is there any place I can check out a schedule for upcoming courses?

Their website seems to have some pages that are down at the moment.

04-11-11, 21:58
Hey Zone,

Yeah the website has been down for a while because they have a new one in the works...you can contact the owner, Matthew Brockmann, through email to get on the mailing list for upcoming classes.

Email him here: matthew@mastsolutions.com

big 54r
04-11-11, 22:04
where is CSM Bell's Ranger Range located...never heard of it.

04-11-11, 22:11
Its a little west of Katy...maybe 30 mins outside Katy on some land owned by a former Army Ranger. He has a house on the property that is used for lodging and he comes and cooks three meals a day for us there...the price of the class covers all of this.

big 54r
04-12-11, 20:17
thanks Ironman...I gotta check with matt to see if any other carbine/pistol courses are upcoming.

Ironman you gotta hit me up and fill me in on this range west of Katy to see if any other course and trainers will be instructing there.

big 54r
04-22-11, 17:20
hey Ironman how'd the class go...would like an AAR to kinda get a feel for the training and range.

04-24-11, 22:16
Hey Big 54r, sorry I've kinda been neglecting this thread...

I can do an AAR sometime in the near future, but I need to find some time...right in the middle of finals for college...yeah it sucks!

More info about the range though, it is a little further west of Katy than I remember...it is actually about 20 mins south of Columbus...but still not too bad a drive, especially if you car-pool.

The range itself has had some additions like pop-up targets and turn targets. The berm is shaped like a "U" so you can do "180 degree battlefield" drills when you are inside the "U"...which is what we did in a drill with the new target system...very cool! And eye-opening! (I'll cover it in the AAR :D).

Also, don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but you can shoot easily back to the 100 yd line and somewhat back to 200+ (there are large oak trees throughout the property, so you have to pick your lane carefully when you go further back)

big 54r
05-02-11, 16:00
ironman you have a pm.