View Full Version : Knight's Armament or Troy BUIS?

01-18-12, 02:03
I just bought a DD M4V5 sans iron sights. All the other ARs that I've owned have had fixed front sight post and carry handles, so I've never bought a set or irons before.

I've narrowed it down to KAC's full-sized front folder and the 200-600m rear or a set of AR-style (not HK) sights from Troy or someone who re-brands them.

Your opinions?

01-18-12, 02:36
If your set on the full size KAC irons vs. the Troys....It's probobaly a toss up, however since the troys will be cheaper I would lean towards buying them.

If it's KAC micro front/micro 200-600m rear irons...vs Troys....I'd easily pick the KAC micros.

I own both troys and kac irons just to qualify my opinion above.

01-18-12, 02:43
What makes you prefer the micro versions?

01-18-12, 05:44
Several reasons....

On the Micro front buis, it has a built in elevation wheel to adjust the height of the front sight post. It also features a smaller front sight post than most others including the troys. The KAC micro front sight post is .0490....the Troy front sight post is .0775. I really like how low of a profile it holds when folded down, and ultimately how lightweight it is.

On the KAC micro rear 200-600m buis...I like the fact that it does everything the full size 200-600m does, yet has a significantly smaller mounting base and makes it really easy to mount an optic above it.

Ultimately, I buy BUIS sets for back up iron sights on my ARs, not for the purposes of being the primary weapon sight. If I intended to run irons as a primary sight...I wouldn't go with anything but fixed designs such as a Colt carry handle, LMT rear fixed sight, or the newer fixed models from DD, Troy, etc. So I'm wanting a BUIS that is as light as possible, maintains a very low profile on the rail, and if needed can be depended on for back up purposes. The KAC micro is just that.

01-18-12, 12:02
I decided to become 100% proficient with my BUIS, after which came optics. I figure if my optics fail for any reason, and I'm back to BUIS, I better be able to hit my target.

01-18-12, 14:22
I have a gun with the KAC sights and a gun with the Troy sights. I like them both but I think the trade off with the KAC is that you don't have the large aperture. I like having the large aperture on the Troys if I need to go to my BUIS at close range as I can shoot with both eyes open with no problem. The KAC, IMO, is for longer range use and not as conducive to close range both eyes open shooting. I guess it all comes down to what you want to use them for.

Just one man's opinion.

01-18-12, 14:31
Same question I had and came to this conclusion.

You can save a little money with the Troy. I've got them on 2 carbines and they work for me.

01-18-12, 15:58
Just to add to Trident82's response concerning the KAC micro front sight, I've found the micro front easier to flip up as it doesn't have the wings along the side.

01-18-12, 16:01
Both are nice sights, well built and will hold up. If the choice is between those and you don't have a strong preference, just buy whatever is cheaper.

01-18-12, 18:41
I'm not building a Block II clone or anything so I'm going to go with the Troy sights. It just sucks that the day I buy my T1, Aimpoint announces they're making a 2MOA version.

01-18-12, 19:46
Personally, I'd go with KAC Micros. I had one set of Troys, and while well built & robust, I just flat out could not zero well with them.

I have a couple front micros, three 200-600 micros and a couple 300s and I've never had problem one... YMMV

01-18-12, 21:13
Personally, I'd go with KAC Micros. I had one set of Troys, and while well built & robust, I just flat out could not zero well with them.

Was this because of the above mentioned sight post width? I have some problems getting irons zeroed sometimes, and I've thought about swapping to a narrower sight post to see if that helps.

01-20-12, 00:22
I just snagged the last KAC micro front sight on operation parts. I'm going to call the local KAC guy and see if he has the 300m micro rear. I really don't have any need for a 200-600m sight on the carbine these are going on.

01-20-12, 03:28
I run troys on any rifle where cost is a consideration - they're durable, and if you're just going to zero them (and whatever optic) for one zero and leave it, they're probably still the best around.

If you're looking for the KAC rears, the USMC ate up a HUGE amount of them, and now every pogue rifle in the universe has a set of irons on it. Go figure.

I have no doubt I'm keeping my Knight's BUIS for my SPR and Recce units, and very seriously considering the angled KAC sights for those or OBR applications, but I can't beat the stupid simplicity of the TROYs as rear sights for my light simple close range carbines that wear micro aimpoints.

01-20-12, 09:20
I prefer the standard KAC folding sights over the micros, but both are nice. I just feel a little better with the added protection when the front is down. Another thing I heard about then tried for myself and saw was that raising and lowering the rear micro, it can actually cause the windage knob to turn and shift your zero. Not all that likely, but it is possible.

What I do like about the micro front is how little rail space it consumes when up. It's a great choice when rail space is important or running it behind an x300, for example. I really don't think you can go wrong with any of the KAC or standard Troy sights and it really just comes down to personal preference.

For me, my main concern is if they fold when impacted and chance of breaking. I've broken two integrated URX II sights as well as a Troy front (any sight would have broken after that impact), so durability is important to me. Since I use magnifiers, I tend to stay away from fixed sights, at least the rear. What I like about the KAC over the Troy is they'll fold before they snap if hit from certain angles.

I've run Troys on numerous rifles and they work great. Can't go wrong with a set of the standard Battle Sights.

I think the intended role should play a part in the decision as well. For a precision rifle where it's less likely to be damaged, the micro would be a great choice as well as if you have limited rail space. Other than that, I'd keep in mind the ease of raising the sights if they were to stay folded unless really needed.

The standard KAC front, especially with gloves, will be the slowest while the micro front is likely faster than both the standard and the Troy. Personally, that's not a huge consideration for me. If a problem is that close that speed of the front sight comes into play, they're also close enough to get hits on target without using sights at all.

I've noticed a lot of people moving away from BUIS altogether, especially when using a PEQ 15, which can fill the backup role. I'm not ready to go without them yet, personally.

01-20-12, 14:56
The Troy front folding sight is a little thick for my preference too. Certainly liveable, but somewhat annoying, enough that I've been considering putting the DD fixed front back on as I like the smaller profile through the aperture much better.