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Thread: Primary Arms M3 style 30mm red dot

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    Primary Arms M3 style 30mm red dot

    I have made the switch on my duty rifle from the EoTech 551 to the Aimpoint PRO...wow. Should have done so a long time ago. Now I also need a second PRO for the home defense AR and then there is the play/training carbine. Neither the home defense or training rifles ever had a red dot so they will be new. I will have to purchase a second PRO for the home defense rifle; however, I thought about something cheaper for the play/training carbine. This is not a rely your life on tool. Don't want to spend the kids college savings on optics so I thought about the Primary Arms M3 style red dot sight (https://www.primaryarms.com/Primary_...0red%20dot.htm).

    Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this optic? Just wandering if it's durable enough to hold a zero and normal range use (no water, no dropping, no real hard use, etc.) What do you'll think?

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    I have the M4 on my M&P 22 and I really like it. It is no where near as high quality as an Aimpoint but it has held up nicely and is quite usable. The guys at Primary Arms are exceptional in their customer service as well. You can call them and they will help you pick out what best suits your needs.

    Customer service example:

    I wanted to set my PA M4 with a lower 1/3 cowitness and I called them and asked if they knew what to do and asked if I could buy some spare spacers to do some fiddling. They just sent me a couple of spacers for free and asked me to let them know what I found out. I broke my M4 in the process (don't use screws that are too long) and called and told them I broke it and I would like to buy a new one but the one I wanted was out of stock. They said that they wouldn't have anymore of them in stock for a while so they gave me a discount code so I could buy another (more expensive one) at a very significant discount even though I broke mine

    Now that is what I call customer service!

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    I bought the exact model you are talking about because I wasn't sure I would want a red dot with my astigmatism. I am a little ashamed to say it has survived for over a year on my duty rifle (it will be replaced by a PRO soon).

    As soon as my PRO comes in, it will be mounted on a M&P15-22.

    I am very satisfied with the sight and you really can't go wrong with it.

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    Primary arms stuff is great for the price.

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    I have an Aimpoint Pro on my primary M4. Recently picked up an m&p22 15 from Grant and opted for the Primary Arms M3. I just can't justify another Aimpoint for a range toy. The PA m3 has held 0, no issues. Very solid rds for the price. Rugged enough for home and range. Optics are clear, no distortion with a hint of blue tint. I did notice though that the red dot's intensity changes from a brighter 2 o'clock outer, normal at center and dimmer at 8 o'clock. Aimpoint doesn't do that. 7 settings, at 7 it's a hair brighter than the aimpoint pro at 8 (setting before the max bright). PA M3 is 3moa, I like 2moa, hard to notice a difference.

    I have a little astigmatism in my right eye. Without glasses everything is fine, with, both optics get a bit of a blob.


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