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Thread: Common sense thoughts on what happened in the election

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    Common sense thoughts on what happened in the election

    Please be civil and rational in this thread. If you want to act like a moron, do it one of the other threads.

    I was at my friends Restaurant last night watching the election. Al Landis, Representative for Ohio was having his party in one of the banquet rooms and a small group of Democrats were having some kind of election party in the other part of the restaurant. I was in the middle of them at the bar.

    As a person that is a "people watcher" I found what was going on around me to be pretty interesting. The Republicans (by in large) were clean, neatly dressed (not rich) and reserved throughout the night. The Democrats all looked like they just woke up from bed, clothes looked like they were slept in and pretty much looked like what you would see at a Frat house after an all night party. They were loud and obnoxious. When they came to the bar they were demanding and basically rude.

    Watching all the exit polls (specifically minority voting), it dawned on me that white people WILL vote for a minority (black, Hispanic, etc), but a minority will NOT vote for a white person.

    So what is to be done in order for a Republican to get elected in the future? Get more minorities into the party. The days of trying to get a white guy elected as President are pretty much over I think. The next GOP candidate HAS TO BE black or Hispanic. Luckily, there as some solid choices here and look forward to the next election (if we still are around as a country).

    I don't typically talk about sales number in public, but I will leave you guys with this little bit of info. Between 6PM and 6AM, we did over $30K in web sales. The month of October was the largest sales month in our companies HISTORY (eclipsing the previous month high in 2008 by $15K)! Panic buying is in FULL SWING folks.

    Lastly, I will leave you with this. I would like to apologize for the State of Ohio letting everyone down. I did my best to support Romney, but in the end we let you down. I now believe that 80% of the countries populace are functioning idiots (can put gas in their car, make it to work, etc), but they lack the fundamental ability to analyze what is happening around them and make a solid choice for their future.

    Hope is lost.


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    That's alright Grant, Virginia is lost too. I now officially hate living here.

    Yes, hope is lost.
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    Minorities did vote Republican but in fewer numbers than voted Democrat.

    I followed this thing carefully. Conservatism lost versus Liberalism.

    It's as if everyone decided the left of center philosophy is the way to go.

    Alan West is out but Grayson is back in? Are you effing kidding me?

    According to Fox, Ohio went liberal because the labor union types turned out in droves. This is after "Bill Cunningham the Great American" swore Ohio couldn't be lost.
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    Republicans didn't learn their lesson that they should vote for people in the primary they want instead of people they think the other side will like. Unfortunately, it's likely too late to run any candidate that can't outpromise the other side. In four years a solid majority of people will have their hand out.

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    It has to be undone, the way it was done.

    Take over the schools - teach children conservative values

    Take over the press - tell people the conservative message daily

    Take over the entertainment industry - indoctrinate the masses with liberty nightly

    Otherwise, the takers will outnumber the makers forever.

    Now I know how the Romans in Britain felt as the last Legion embarked on their ships.


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    The only common sense response I can muster is that common sense is a rare commodity these days. The lack of clear analysis of the election outcome is due to the fact that it can't be explained.

    We, as a people, voted for liberalism, hedonism, and irresponsibility.

    I pray that we get them all in spades.

    Grant: You owe no apology for your state. We will all get exactly what we deserve.
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    I found this interesting:

    What Just Happened
    By Grover Norquist

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