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Thread: AR clone history?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavy Metal View Post
    The first civilian clone seems to have appeared sometime around the mid-70's.
    If so, who produced this rifle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xrayoneone View Post
    I have seen a Rock Island Armory (old school not new age) Sendra Corp AR15 that was purchased in the early 80's, well before 1985.
    I had a Rock Island Armory marked Sendra reciever back in 1985. It was my 1st AR & my brother assembled the lower with the instructions from an article in Firepower Magazine.

    Sendra was the parts company Nesard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMS951 View Post
    PWA (PAC west arms) may have been one. I was a company Carl Lewis was involved with before start LMT. PWA had ties to Olympic I believe.
    That's what I was thinking - I owned an early '80's PWA rifle at one time. Hunk... O... Junk... Probably why they went out of business, JUST as the AR craze was taking OFF (early/mid '90's).
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