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Thread: This is pretty scary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cagemonkey View Post
    Now anyone can be a crack shot. Can you imagine if these end up in the wrong hands.

    Think about how it works. It has it's limitations. Even so, what's so scary about being able to precisely place a bullet? What's scarier is where that bullet might go if you miss and with good shooting habits, the risk is well controlled
    Quote Originally Posted by Surf View Post
    We should get the conscious mind to start thinking about our sight picture and let our sub-conscious mind go through the trigger pull
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    Rather spend my money on training to be able to shoot precisely than piss it away on the fancy scope.

    So what happens when the battery dies and you need to make the shot? At least with a traditional scope the reticle is always there and you only need to worry about dropping it.

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    By Scary, I meant to imply that if this weapon system ever got into the hands of our Enemies, I wouldn't want to be one the wrong end. This system would practically make a Chimp a deadly shot to 1200 meters never mind some Taliban. I had no intentions of insinuating any type of gun control undertones or implying this would make someone a true sniper. Wait until the Chinese copy it and proliferate them to every wannabe terrorist etc.

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    i wouldn't get excited. are they saying they've learned how to read mid-range mirage with that scope? what if there's no mirage?

    or are they just saying the scope can laser range find? and measure the angle? and the temperature? and DA?

    what if the actual velocity is different than what's written on the ammo box? can it spot misses and give you a correction?

    my guess it might help an untrained conscript, but it would probably slow a shooter down. how long does it take to get a solution? what if you have two targets at different distances and you need to shoot them fast?

    what if the target is moving? does it also compensate for lead?

    even if it magically did all those things, what does it do when the yahoo yanks the trigger?

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    What is the difference between having to have perfect sight-to-target alignment in order to "tag" the target, as they say, and pull the trigger?

    You still have to hold the rifle steadily, aim at your target, and "tag" at just the right time. It doesn't make a "chimp" or a "conscript" or anyone else more accurate.

    Either way, in no way is this system remotely like "jet fighter lock-and-launch technology" nor is it "precision guided".
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    I've talked with the guys at Tracking Point at LENGTH about their system.

    The typical elmer fudd knee-jerk-reaction shit has to stop. Fear and panic about a product that isn't on the market yet, and that you've never used or fully understand the capability of is irrational stupidity at best.

    I swear... gun owners are our own worst enemy.



    The only thing that is scary is when people disengage their brains, and start acting like panicked children. "OMG could you imagine if it got in the wrong hands!@?!?!?!" Who decides who the wrong hands are? The government? YOU? A ROCK is dangerous in the wrong hands. Should we outlaw them?

    I'm so very sick of hearing the same people proclaiming to love liberty also championing government regulation.

    Want to spend less time being "scared?" Spend more time using your brain.

    Taliv, once again you get it, while many others seem to be lost on the concept. Funny how you actually need to know how to make a long range shot in order to identify the limitations of the system.
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    Very well said Orkan!!!

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