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Thread: Parts list for my first build...

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    Parts list for my first build...

    Morning guys. This will be my first build, since I have absolutely no experience in actually building a AR from the ground up I wanted to run my parts list by those of you that have done so. There are a few things that I am still undecided on so maybe you can help me out too. The reasoning behind this build is that I have owned 2 of the lower price point AR's and was not happy with the performance of either. This is going to be my main rifle (until I have the money to put a bolt gun together), and will need to serve 3 main functions. The first is that it must be accurate to 400 Meters, it must be dependable, and it must be suitable for both 3 Gun and HD. That being said I have tried to pick the best parts I can afford. So here is the Parts list...

    Known Parts:

    Lower: Noveske Gen 2 flared magwell
    Upper: VLTOR MUR-A1
    Barrel: BCM BFH 16'' Midlength
    Gas Block: Syrac Ordinance Click Adjustable
    Rail: Noveske NSR 13.5
    BCG: BCM M16 BCG
    Charging Handle: Raptor Charging Handle
    Safety: AXTS Bad Ass Ambi
    Stock: Magpul UBR
    Grip: Magpul MIAD

    Undecided Parts:

    LPK: Rock River Arms?
    Trigger: UNK (I do not have the money to drop $180+ on a trigger right now.) Anyone have any ideas?
    BUIS: Midwest or Troy Probably
    Scope Mount: LaRue Probably
    Scope: Nightforce 1-4X24 NXS, 1,1-4X24LE Schmidt and Bender Short Dot, VXR Patrol 1.25-4x20mm (30mm) dont know which one.

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    Well it is good to know that you don't have a budget problem. Those are all top notch parts, but you will be waiting quite a bit to get some of those parts. The BCM BCG are out of stock right now, the Noveske NSR rail is out of stock everywhere, you could be waiting quite a while to get your hands on those parts.

    The only change I would recommend would be get a DD lower parts kit or if they come back in stock, pick up a G&R kit from Grant.

    As for the trigger, get an ALG for 45 bucks if you can't afford a geissele. Although, I am not sure how you can afford all those parts, especially the glass you are looking at, but you can't fork over and extra 180 for an SSA?

    Troy BUIS are great. Don't have any experience with the midwest ones, but I love my troys.

    Larue makes great mounts, good choice.

    The NF and SB are very nice scopes, the Leupy will be considerable cheaper than those two options though, even if you manage to find them used.

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    Do you plan on suppressing this rifle? If not, you can probably just go with a lo-pro gas block. You may also want to consider a light as you plan on using this rifle for HD.

    I second DD or a G&R tactical LPK.

    Finally, looking at all of your parts, I find it hard to belive you don't have money for a good trigger.

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    Based on the parts you have listed for the upper you may want to consider a factory NSR upper from noveske. BCG's are really tough to get ahold of at the moment.

    For the LPK since you are already planning on a aftermarket safety and trigger I would look at purchasing individual colt parts from specialized armament. Alternately G&R has a great LPK if they are in stock and can be purchased as a package deal with the noveske FFL lower. I would also recommend one of ALG's triggers as a cost effective trigger option.

    For BUIS definitely troy over Midwest, KAC would be another good option.
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