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Thread: Aimpoint X3 magnifier clone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob_s View Post
    So far almost everyone I've seen use one has either gotten rid of it or not yet realized that they actually shoot better without it.
    Agreed. Most of my use of magnification is for positive target ID. Something small like a pair of bino's or a cell phone are much easier to see with magnification.

    I agree that there are uses for it, but like most things a good number of the people that have them don't know why.
    That is so true on so many levels. It could describe numerous topics of conversation. For some reason they mostly start with "What's the best. . .", or "What do you think of. . ."

    Back to the topic though-
    Quote Originally Posted by ar-15 fanatic View Post
    i don't want to spend $1000 on a sight and magnifier when i could spend that same amount on a trijicon X4 ACOG.
    The ACOG is only acceptable at close range when equipped with the MRD, whereas the Aimpoint performs well from 0-300, even without a magnifier. Consider low-light and use with a tactical light, and the Aimpoint is way ahead of the MRD-less ACOG.

    Not sayin' anything, just sayin'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rob_s View Post
    I think that's the best option for those not sure if they want to go the magnifier route. You get a great mount and if you decide you like the magnifier you can upgrade to the Aimpoint magnifier later. Thanks for reminding me to order one (even though I can't think of any reason I need/want a magnifier.... )
    well, the month or so wait to get it will give you time to figure it out..lol

    I just got my shipping confirmation email last night, after a solid month of waiting.

    I don't know how many or thier flip mounts they made on this run, but hopefully they made enough to go around with a few left over..

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    Quote Originally Posted by exitinyourhead View Post
    There is always this guy...


    I think one or two of our members use this, maybe they will speak up about it. It's not an airsoft knock off but there is a cost savings.
    I use one and it works just fine. The mount is great!!! The magnifier is very clear but the magnification is a little weak. I guess what can you expect from 2.5x? I run it behind an EoTech 557. I think EoTech totally had magnification in mind when designing this sight. The Holo is small compared to the 512 I traded in to get it..

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    Adding a magnifier to an RD is one of those ideas that seems great in theory & even to the extent that it's mounted & used at a square range. However, in real training or in actual use they just don't measure up. LAV is right. There's better ways to spend your hard earned money.

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    Clone optics are junk and you get what you pay for.

    This thread has run it's course.

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