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Great stuff. When I am not carrying my SL Variant loader I use the 2 space 2 method of carrying my rounds in speedstrips.

FYI ... I chose to use DeBethecourt's right handed reload method because I also carry semis. I keep the speedstrip or loader in the rear left pocket ( same place I keep my spare mag for semi carry) that way my natural training method is to use my weak hand to load both semis and revolvers so there is no muscle memory conflicts.
My chosen method also, this way my off hand always goes to the same place for a reload. My version of DeBethecourt's technique uses my strong hand thumb to push the Smith cylinder release forward as the off hand curls around the pistol helping to push the cylinder out. I use SL variants too. My "snub" is a Smith 3" M13. I'm hoping Colt issues the new Cobra with a 3" tube.