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Thread: SIG MCX: When is an AR not an AR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aries144 View Post
    I got the MCX 5.56 pistol and it's still on the heavy side. Around 6.8lbs empty and clean.

    I don't know what SIG was thinking when they made the Virtus heavier than the MCX. Most of the added weight looks like its in the barrel. You could always look into having it turned down.
    They probably wanted to improve the accuracy more when the barrel got hot, and from my experience with two of them and the vid review below, I believe they were successful, but with the increase of some additional weight. I don't believe on shorter barrels like 11.5 and under, a heavier barrel would be needed as much to maintain its accuracy when hot. At least on my 9 inch 300 virtus pistol the balance point is back further and the weight is not as noticable as with longer barrels.

    MCX Virtus Mid Test Review review. Accuracy test target is at 100 meters.

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    got it how I want it, now just need to shoot it!

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